Fortnite fans make Call of Duty-inspired Barbenheimer map

Fortnite fans make Call of Duty-inspired Barbenheimer map
YouTube: SquattingDog

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Jack Marsh


25th Jul 2023 20:50

Fortnite is no stranger to wonderful and bright emotes and dances, making Barbie the perfect candidate for a collaboration. After all, Jonesy does have that Ken vibe about him.

On the flip side of gaming and Hollywood, the spot-on juxtaposition can be seen with Call of Duty and Oppenheimer, as the brown and beige wartime motifs suit them both, and they are already intertwined through 13-year-old Easter eggs.

But what would happen if you brought together Barbie, Oppenheimer, Fortnite, and Call of Duty into one medley of madness?

Fortnite fans make a Barbenheimer-inspired Numetown remake in Creative

Following the cinematic craze that is Barbenheimer - a mixture of the two box office films - Fortnite creators haven't wasted any time in making a creative collaboration possible, all whilst skirting along the DMCA borderlines.

In an incredible trailer, YouTuber "SquattingDog" has now showcased a Barbenheimer Creative map that is inspired by Call of Duty's Nuketown. With a splash of neon pink, it all plays on the theme of the Atomic Bomb threat.

The map is split into two halves, with one being the brown, boring, and serious palette of Oppenheimer's 1945 mid-war setting, while the other is is filled with pink glitter and sparkles as the utopia-esque Barbieville takes over.

Call of Duty players will instantly recognise the Nuketown elements too, although the map is extended on top of several other buildings around the border, allowing for a bit more manoeuvre space.

Fortnite's Barbenheimer-Nuketown map also features a Nuke killstreak

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While the Barbie influence is strong, with the main portion of the map featuring her mansion and Chevrolet, the Barbenheimer Fortnite map is rich with Oppenheimer quirks. As you might've guessed, this includes the addition of his atomic bomb.

Should players rack up a 21 kill-streak, the Nuke that's designed by Oppy himself, will go off. It's akin to when the Nuketown games finish in Call of Duty, ending the match with a win to the user. The bomb that does drop is Barbie-fied too, featuring a love heart warhead.

The Fortnite x Call of Duty x Barbie x Oppenheimer map is now available for the public to play. If you're sold, it be accessed by the island code: 0347-5540-6538.

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