Fortnite Fans Figure Out The Battle Bus Speed

Fortnite Fans Figure Out The Battle Bus Speed
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Tom Chapman


20th Jun 2022 09:01

It's all aboard the Battle Bus, as Fortnite fans have figured out how fast your mode of transport is actually going. We've seen a lot of vehicles in Fortnite, and whether it was taking to the skies in planes or rolling around in Ballers, none are as iconic as the Battle Bus.

You might remember when we had to take on Galactus using a fleet of Battle Buses in Chapter 2 Season 5, or what about when Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 added a driveable version of the armoured Battle Bus? We don't imagine it's a question that gets asked a lot, but clearly, someone is, as one fan has figured out the Battle Bus speed.

Battle Bus Speed: How Fast Is The Fortnite Battle Bus?

Posting on Reddit, u/somedudebeingcool figured out that the Battle Bus is moving at quite the pace. Using some trigonometry, the OP marked a point in the middle of the map and calculated the following.

  • Duration of the drop window

  • Distance to the ping at the start of the drop window

  • Shortest distance to the ping during the drop window

  • Distance to the ping at the end of the drop window

Crunching the numbers, the first attempt was 274.5km/h (76.25m/s) which is 170.57mph (250.16ft/s). Attempt 2 was 281.23km/h (78.12m/s)/174.75mph (256.3ft/s). They think there's a margin of error of around a second thanks to the timer, and with two more attempts, they've given a final answer of 75m/s (270km/h or 167.77mph).

The redditor claims that their methodology is more airtight than previous attempts to work out the Battle Bus speed. Thanking them for their service, Fortnite fans were impressed with this quick maths. "Einstein learnt from this guy," said one, while another added, "This is really interesting - any idea of how this compares to the speed of one's descent once exited from the Battle Bus? I've always wondered if it's faster to jump early or ride the bus closer to X location."


Is The Battle Bus Speed Right?

This isn't the first time someone has tried to figure out how fast the Battle Bus is going. Back in 2018, one player drove a golf cart across the map and timed how long it would take, then scaled it up for the Battle Bus. Back then, it was claimed the Battle Bus moved at a whopping 400km/h - which is quite the difference.

The latest method is definitely more scientific and seems like a logical speed. Even though the Battle Bus is stocked with propulsion jets and the like, it's actually around four times slower than a plane. Still, it's a lot faster than your average car (or bus) and clocks in at about the same speed as a helicopter. So, next time you jump out of the Battle Bus, just think how fast your poor character is hurling themselves into the abyss. Remember Fortnite fanatics... always thank the bus driver.

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