Five Multiplayer Games That'll Have Your Attention This Holiday Season

Five Multiplayer Games That'll Have Your Attention This Holiday Season

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Mackenzie O Brien


24th Dec 2020 16:31

The gaming public is absolutely hyped for the holiday season, as many exciting things are happening in the gaming world. Not only have the next generation's consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, released just before the holidays, but holiday break also means more time to game. Whether it's with friends or family near or far, there are a plethora of options for players to choose from this season.

Games both new and old have been making waves in the gaming community this year, due to their multiplayer features, low cost, or free-to-play model. It is almost certain that the five games below will be making the rounds this holiday season. So, get out your controller and grab a mug of eggnog and a friend or two, because the following five games might be your next holiday favourites.


5. Brawlhalla

Cost: Free

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Developed by Blue Mammoth Games, Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game for practically every platform there is- PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Released in 2017, the game now boasts over 50 million total players. There are 51 playable characters, each with their own custom skins and stats.

One of the most notable of these playable characters, which are referred to as "Legends" in the world of Brawlhalla, is Rayman. After Ubisoft acquired Blue Mammoth Games in 2018, its subsequent releases on Switch and Xbox One allowed players to play as the Ubisoft mascot.

Brawlhalla is similar in playstyle to Super Smash Brothers, in which characters have to knock their opponents out of the stage to win. Much like Smash, damage is indicated by a change in colour, which shows how far the player can be knocked out of the stage. In Brawlhalla, white indicates a low damage count, whereas red indicates extremely high damage.

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Brawlhalla allows both local and online play. There are many game modes- Free-for-All, 1v1 Strikeout, Experimental 1v1, and a newly-featured mode every week. Free-for-All is a four-player match that plays much like Super Smash Brothers. 1v1 Strikeout is where players pick 3 different characters. These characters act as "lives" for the player, as every time they are knocked out, the game cycles to the next character they have selected. Experimental 1v1 is a beta-testing mode where players can test unreleased features for the game as they fight.

With a cast of fun characters to play as and exciting game modes, Brawlhalla is definitely a game to add to any player's holiday list.


4. Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Cost: Free

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Inspired by Bomberman and other classic bomber games, Bombergrounds: Battle Royale was released by Gigantic Duck Games on March 6, 2020. It is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, and Steam.

In Bombergrounds: Battle Royale, players have to duke it out against tons of other players in 25-person matches. Players can place bombs, blow up crates and trees, grab power-ups to increase attacks, and eliminate other players. The only catch is- players have to do all of this while playing as an adorable, cuddly animal.

The goal of this game is to be the last animal standing, after taking down all of your equally adorable and fluffy opponents. Players will create a trail of destruction in their wake as they fight tooth and claw to be victorious. This exciting battle royale is not only fun and fast-paced, but an excellent addition to the Bomberman genre of games. It is certainly a fun title that will captivate audiences this holiday season.


3. Overcooked!

Cost: $16.99

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Even if you aren't cooking this holiday season, Overcooked! will put you and your friends' cooking skills to the test. Developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team 17, Overcooked! was released on August 3, 2016. Despite the fact that it is over four years old as of the writing of this article, Overcooked! still remains a wildly popular and extraordinarily fun pick in the realm of multiplayer games.

Overcooked! is a couch co-op game that can be played by one to four different players. Players have to team up with their friends to cook, prepare, and serve dishes to impatient customers. Like most cooking games, the hilarity and replayability of Overcooked! comes from the mistakes players and their friends make.

As players complete challenges and orders, new features in the game will open up. In Overcooked!'s competitive challenge levels, 2 teams of 2 players each go neck-and-neck in some hard-boiled cooking challenges.

The game was so successful that it warranted a sequel, Overcooked! 2, which was released on August 7, 2018. Much like the first Overcooked!, you and three other players can either compete or work together in the kitchen to satisfy orders. Both Overcooked! and its sequel were met with extremely positive reception by fans and game critics alike, making them both a worthy choice for the holiday season.


2. Fortnite

Cost: Free

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Fortnite is always worth mentioning when it comes to multiplayer fun with friends and family. Developed by Epic Games in 2017, this game has seen worldwide success due to its replayability, fun features, and in-game seasons. Fortnite is a battle royale, in which players are pitted against 100 opponents all determined to be the last person standing. The game also features a creative mode, where players can build, and a Party Royale mode, where players can attend concerts and even watch movies.

With tons of fun holiday and New Year events coming up soon, this massively-popular battle royale is even more worth mentioning. Epic Games always goes above and beyond for its in-game events, making the holidays a must for Fortnite fans and new players alike. This holiday season will most certainly bring rare new items and weapons, along with Epic and Legendary skins.

The fun of the holiday events in Fortnite comes from completing challenges with friends, whether they are Creative or Competitive. Challenges can range from creating a fun and exciting build in the game's creative mode to eliminating opponents in battle royale mode. These challenges can reward players with new items, experience, and limited-time holiday releases, such as back bling and gliders.

With millions of players worldwide, Fortnite is massively addicting and fun. With plenty of game modes to choose from, this game is the perfect pick for friends and family to get together and play over the holidays.


1. Rocket League

Cost: Free

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No one ever thought that football and cars could work together so seamlessly, but developers at Psyonix LLC were one step ahead of the curve. On July 7, 2015, this massively-successful hit was launched. Despite the game being five years old as of the writing of this article, it has not lost its lustre one bit. In fact, the game has only soared in popularity since becoming free-to-play recently.

Rocket League is an arcade-style soccer game with vehicles as the players, instead of people. The result is high-speed automotive action, which quickly becomes chaotic as more players enter the fray. The game has seen wide success due to its simple, yet effective, controls, online play mode, and free-to-play price tag.

In the game, players can participate in both casual and competitive online matches, hockey and basketball-themed "extra" modes, and even a fully fleshed-out offline mode, which features seasonal content. Rocket League also features extreme customisation options, which boast more than 500 trillion different options for the player's in-game vehicle.

This game mixes up game genres in an extremely fun and addicting way, as fans of not only car and sports, but also competitive, games will enjoy the fast-paced action that Rocket League has to offer. This makes it the perfect choice for the holidays, as Rocket League offers a little something for everyone.

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With these five games, you and your friends and family can not only have holiday cheer, but also hilarious multiplayer hijinks. Whether your friends and family are near or apart, you can bring them together this year by taking a look at any of the above games. Not only will the next generation of consoles be making the rounds this year, but these multiplayer games will also be a source of tons of fun for both casual and competitive gamers alike.


Images via Ubisoft, Gigantic Duck Games, Ghost Town Games, Epic Games, and Psyonix LLC, respectively.

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