First-Person Fortnite Teased For Chapter 3 Season 4

First-Person Fortnite Teased For Chapter 3 Season 4
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Tom Chapman


1st Aug 2022 09:17

Get ready for a whole new viewpoint, as Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 could be preparing to introduce a first-person mode. If Epic Games' battle royale does one thing well, it's reinventing itself, but losing its third-person perspective to become an FPS title could be its biggest overhaul yet.

Over the years, we've seen Fortnite change a lot. Whether it's introducing cars in Chapter 2 Season 3, the bows of Primal, or the No Build of Chapter 3 Season 2, it's a far cry from the pint-sized map of the OG Fortnite. It's largely this experimentation that keeps things fresh, and arguably puts Fortnite ahead of something like Call of Duty: Warzone

Is Fortnite Getting A First-Person Mode?

This isn't the first we've heard of a first-person Fortnite mode, and now, noted leaker HYPEX is back to expand on their original leak. On June 7, HYPEX shared the first details of a first-person camera view for Fortnite. They're now saying that this has been given several updates in the last few days.

Much like Zero Build, the surprise of a first-person Fortnite has likely been spoiled ahead of time. HYPEX says that the big v21.30 summer update has tweaked a first-person Fortnite mode. Better yet, HYPEX thinks it could arrive in Chapter 3 Season 4, which we guess would be next season's big hook.

It's currently unclear how a first-person Fortnite will work, but we should probably look to what happened with Zero Build for guidance. Although the requested no build became mandatory for a while, its popularity led to Epic introducing it as a permanent mode alongside your standard matches. To this day, some of us still default to Zero Build to avoid those sweaty campers who build themselves into a fortress to escape the final circle. 


Fans React To First-Person Fortnite?

Although it's only rumoured (albeit heavily) for now, Fortnite fans are keen to share their views on a potential first-person mode. Someone cheered, "I really want first person. I'd 100% return full time to Fortnite if First Person happens," while another added, "If this is real I will reinstall the game when it comes out lol." Not everyone was a fan though, as one said, "What's the point of skins then." Another concluded, "No no no no no thank you! Go play sh*tty warzone for that."

Typically, first-person shooters have dominated the market, and you only have to look at the likes of Warzone and Apex Legends to see this in action. Then again, the fact Fortnite goes in hard on its crossover skins and collabs to have you splashing the V-Bucks means that third-person makes a lot of sense. More than this, third-person makes building and foraging easier, so it's hard to picture what first-person will look like. Like it or lump it, it looks like a first-person Fortnite is on the way.

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