Final Fantasy 14 coming to Xbox over a decade after launch

Final Fantasy 14 coming to Xbox over a decade after launch
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Megan Cooke


28th Jul 2023 22:04

Since its initial launch in 2013, Final Fantasy 14 has come to both PlayStation consoles and PC. A decade later, an Xbox version of the game has finally been announced.

Final Fantasy Fan Festival 2023 began today in Las Vegas with a keynote from producer Naoki Yoshida. In a surprise announcement during the fan fest, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer confirmed the MMO would be coming to Xbox consoles early next year.

Phil Spencer has announced Final Fantasy 14 will be coming to Xbox

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Image via FINAL FANTASY XIV on YouTube

Towards the end of his keynote presentation, Naoki Yoshida invited Phil Spencer to the stage as a special guest, introducing him as his “long-time friend and fellow Final Fantasy 14 fan”.

Phil Spencer said: “The Xbox community is passionate about games, and like so many players around the world, the Final Fantasy series is one that gets lots of love from team Xbox.

“We’re very happy to announce the Xbox version of Final Fantasy 14 with my friend Yoshida-san here today. Together with his team, we are bringing the best online experience of this game to Xbox fans everywhere.”

Naoki Yoshida shared with the audience that requests for an Xbox version of Final Fantasy 14 Online had been received from all over the world.

What do we know about the Xbox Release so far?

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Image via FINAL FANTASY XIV on YouTube

Not much is known about the Xbox release of Final Fantasy 14 at this stage, however, we were given an insight into some of the features it will have.

The Xbox release of Final Fantasy 14 is coming in Spring 2024 as a digital-only release on Xbox Series X|S consoles. There will be 4K support for the Xbox Series X version of the game as well as faster loading times. An open beta is scheduled for patch 6.5X to take place ahead of the official launch.

Phil Spencer also confirmed that through crossplay, Final Fantasy 14 would be able to be enjoyed alongside both old and new players of the game.

Spencer added: “What I really appreciate about [Yoshida] and your team, is you put the player at the centre of everything you do. At Xbox, we share a very similar spirit when it comes to our players.

“We’re really inspired by how you have made Final Fantasy 14 a global success, and we want to bring the Xbox community and your warriors of light together in a way that is safe, secure, engaging and above all fun.”

Square Enix has stated that more information regarding the release of Final Fantasy 14’s Xbox version will be revealed soon.

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