Square Enix teases more Final Fantasy remasters

Square Enix teases more Final Fantasy remasters
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Joseph Kime


10th Jul 2023 10:45

In case you haven't noticed, Final Fantasy has been going nuts with its remasters. The pixel remasters of Final Fantasy I through VI have been a treat for the proper old-school fans of the franchise, while the series is banking a lot on the many repeated successes of Final Fantasy 7 Remake with its upcoming finale.

But, even though there are new mainline titles we should be paying attention to, it looks like Square Enix could once again be looking to the past with more Final Fantasy remakes. 

Square Enix is "considering" more remakes for Final Fantasy

A moment of combat from Final Fantasy's Pixel Remasters.
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The successes of the Final Fantasy pixel remasters have clearly rubbed off on Square Enix, as it seems that the publishing powerhouse is considering bringing more classic titles to life.

In the 43rd annual shareholders' meeting Q&A at Square Enix (via VGC), the company's board members mentioned the potential for more classics to come back, as though it "refrained from sharing information about new titles," Square Enix suggested that it was "considering various ideas [about remastering older titles] within the company."

"We hope that you will look forward to forthcoming announcements," it adds. Vague though it may be, this is a statement that will come as good news to fans, as much of the audience for Final Fantasy are returning champions of the classic titles.

Plus, as rumours of plans to remaster classic games in a similar way to Final Fantasy 7's remake, there could be a great deal of excitement to come in the franchise if the team are looking to the past.

Shareholders want Xenogears back

A character interacting with an animal in Xenogears.
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Along with hopes of more classic Final Fantasy titles to come, it looks like other Square Enix bangers could also be on the table. "Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster has been well received," says one shareholder during the meeting. "Are there plans to remaster other past titles? Personally, I would like to play Xenogears."

The 1998 RPG is the debut of the Xeno franchise but has largely been lost to the ages - with Xenoblade Chronicles finding more success as a spiritual successor. It's not just Final Fantasy on the Square Enix books, and with any luck, we'll be getting more remasters soon. 

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