Far Cry And Splinter Cell Shows Coming To Netflix

Far Cry And Splinter Cell Shows Coming To Netflix
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14th Jun 2021 16:49

If new TV shows based on Resident Evil, The Last of Us, Assassin's Creed, and Castlevania weren't enough, how about more gaming giants from Far Cry and Splinter Cell? While gaming adaptations on the small and silver screen were once remembered for the likes of the panned Super Mario Bros. or Mortal Kombat: Conquest, there's been a boom in announced products.

Everything from Fallout to Rayman has a live-action or animated show on the cards, meaning your TV schedule is no longer limited to waiting for the next season of The Witcher. As part of an ongoing deal with Netflix, Ubisoft is offering up two more franchises to the streaming service as ones to watch.

What is the Far Cry series?

Netflix has officially announced Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix. Sadly, we aren't getting a live-action Far Cry 3 adaptation with Michael Mando playing Vaas. Instead, the anime series is based on the often forgotten Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Not quite a DLC, not quite a spin-off, the standalone expansion came out in 2013 and followed an alternate 2007 where the world had been ravaged by nuclear war.

Like the neon and Cyberpunk-inspired Blood DragonCaptain Laserhawk will be a neo-noir trip into an alternate world. According to series creator and writer Adi Shankar, it will honour "anime, Saturday morning cartoons, violent video games marketed to kids, pro wrestling, steel cage matches, cyberpunk dystopias". If that wasn't enough, it'll pay homage the work of Total Recall's Paul Verhoeven and Escape From New York's John Carpenter.

Captain Laserhawk unfolds in 1992, as a massive tech company called Eden promises safety and universal income for all citizens. The protagonist is Dolph Laserhawk, who is an enhanced super soldier that escapes from Eden's army and tries to pull off a final heist. There's also an LGBTQ+ theme as Laserhwak plans on riding off into the sunset with his boyfriend, Alex. 

What is the Splinter Cell series?

There's less known about the Splinter Cell game, however, it is another anime. The series will follow Sam Fisher as he's recruited into Echelon Division. John Wick creator Derek Kolstad is set to write the Splinter Cell series. We also got a first look at a grizzled Fisher for the Splinter Cell series, that gives us a look at the general aesthetic of the animation style.

The Splinter Cell series is currently planned for eight episodes but could be extended to 16. Finally, there's a second mysterious anime set in the same world as Far Cry. Ubisoft and Netflix are also planning a slate of live-action outings, with an episodic take on Assassin's Creed, alongside The Division starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. 

There are no release dates for any of the above, but expect both sides to showcase their plans for an ongoing crop of Netflix shows based on some of Ubisoft's most famous faces from the world of video games.

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