Vaas Returns To Far Cry In New DLC - Despite Being Dead

Vaas Returns To Far Cry In New DLC - Despite Being Dead

Written by 

Tarran Stockton


11th Nov 2021 12:17

One of gaming's greatest ever villains is finally returning, as the first Far Cry 6 DLC - set to feature Vaas - is coming on November 16. 

What Is The Far Cry 6 Vaas DLC?

The new DLC was announced on Vaas actor Michael Mando's Twitter, though this isn't the first we've heard about getting to return as the series' previous villains. The Tweet announces: "He's back #VaasInsanity DLC available worldwide Nov 16 as part of #FarCry6."

For those who are unaware, Vaas was the main antagonist of Far Cry 3, which received tonnes of critical acclaim due to Mando's performance as the twisted mercenary. The DLC's title of 'Insanity' is also likely a direct reference to the iconic monologue delivered by Vaas in the game, where he continually asks the player, "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?" 

Vaas was killed during the events of the third game, meaning the story in the DLC may not be canon to the Far Cry universe. Though, Ubisoft did reveal some details about the upcoming experience through a statement. 

According to the statement, "Vaas: Insanity provide a unique opportunity to better understand Vaas’ past, personal demons, and motivations." We also learned that it will be a "brand-new experience inspired by the roguelite genre," where players will have to survive Vaas' twisted mind, beginning with just a pistol and seeking out better weapons and power-ups along the way.

How Can I Get The Far Cry 6 Vaas DLC?

Presumably, players will be able to purchase the DLC alone, as long as they have the Far Cry 6 base game. It will be available through the games season pass, which stands at $39.99. 

This is only the first of the post-launch content that the season pass will entitle players too, with DLCs based on Far Cry 4's Pagan Min, and 5's Joseph Seed set to come down the line. The much lauded Far Cry 3 expansion, Blood Dragon, is also part of the season pass and can be downloaded sometime in December.

Considering crossovers are super popular now thanks to Fortnite and Vanguard, Ubisoft has also confirmed there will be three crossover missions as part of the battle pass, which are set to release early next year. These will feature actor Danny Trejo, John Rambo, and even Stranger Things in some capacity. 

Far Cry 6 is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and select PC platforms. 


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