Fortnite’s Friday the 13th rumours give hope for more horror skins

Fortnite’s Friday the 13th rumours give hope for more horror skins
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5th Jun 2024 14:03

"Ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma," it sounds like a certain Camp Crystal Lake Killer could be on his way to Classy Courts. After years of us asking, hopes are high that Jason Voorhees is about to jump off the Fortnite Battle Bus with a machete in his hand. 

While Fortnite was once a family-friendly affair with adorable banana and ice cream-themed skins, it's since embraced its more adult side. We're far away from Fortnite being its own Dead by Daylight, but if Jason Voorhees is coming to the game, it could start a new era of blood-soaked mayhem.

Jason Voorhees tipped for Fortnite release

Noted leaker HYPEX has pointed to a trail of evidence that Jason Voorhees is coming to Fortnite. The official Jason Voorhees X account replied to a post about which Fortnite collabs we'd like to see with a 🫥 emoji. This is interesting because it's the same emoji the account has been replying to posts about him appearing in MultiVersus.

This comes after Good Day New York announced that Jason would be coming to Fortnite, although some think the news anchor was getting it confused with his MultiVersus debut. There's no mention of a release date, although the annual Fortnitemares celebrations would be perfectly timed.

It's not that Fortnite hasn't had horror crossovers before, with Xenomorphs, Carnage, Predator, and the cast of The Walking Dead all appearing in the item shop. Michael Myers famously carved a new legacy in Chapter 4 Season 4, and if Jason is coming, could we complete the trifecta with Freddy Krueger?

Horror fans want Freddy, Chucky, and co. 

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Fans quickly took to the replies to share their hopes for other horror icons. One cheered, "I can't wait for Jason to come to Fortnite! This is a massive W. Now, Ghostface, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, and Leatherface need to be added at some point!"

Another said, "F**k yeahhhh now give me Freddy (both Freddys)," referring to the long-rumoured Five Nights at Freddy's crossover. Players threw out their fanciful plans for a Crystal Lake POI and a style for each of the Friday the 13th movies, but now you're getting ahead of yourselves.

We know Dead by Daylight has struggled with licensing, so it's not as simple as us saying, "We want Candyman," and him landing in-game. As for when Jason could arrive, the next Friday the 13th is in September, so that could be a date to write in your diary. Either way, let the red flow - maybe we'll get that franchise revival after all.

Tom Chapman
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