New Silent Hill Games Leaked Ahead Of Showcase

New Silent Hill Games Leaked Ahead Of Showcase
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Tom Chapman


19th Oct 2022 13:06

There are tears in our eyes, as a full decade after Silent Hill shuffled out of view with the disappointing Silent Hill: Downpour, we're finally getting a new game. Well, it sounds like there will be multiple releases thanks to the long-awaited Silent Hill showcase being spoiled ahead of time.

Of course, Downpour wasn't supposed to be the end of that tormented town. It's been well-documented that the P.T. demo was a taste of the canned Silent Hills, which was resigned to the history books when Hideo Kojima left Konami for Kojima Productions. The death of Silent Hills still stings seven years later, but hopefully, the latest showcase will make up for the wait.

What's Coming To The Silent Hill Showcase?

Turn back now unless you want the surprise to be ruined. More than just some half-arsed return to Konami's legacy, it sounds like the developer's silence and seeming abandonment of Silent Hill has all been a ruse. Still, we probably wouldn't have let someone buy the domain name from underneath us.

On ResetEra, metadata tags for the upcoming showcase appeared on YouTube. There are mentions of Silent Hill 2, a Return to Silent Hill movie, and a mysterious Silent Hill: Ascension. As well as being a mention of Steam and PlayStation, there's nothing that even mentions an Xbox console. If you weren't sure on the legitimacy of these leaks, the YouTube metadata has mysteriously changed back. 

These leaks come after Survival Horror Network posted on Reddit, claiming its stream title "Silent Hill: Part 1" was hit with Konami's copyright credentials. Remembering that The Last of Us: Part 1 was Naughty Dog's new-gen remake of 2013's original, could we be going down the same route with Silent Hill? Still, it seems odd if we were going to split Silent Hill 2 into two games.


Is Xbox Being Locked Out Of Silent Hill?

None of the above should come as that much of a surprise. As well as a Silent Hill 2 remake being rumoured under Layers of Fear's Bloober Team, Silent Hill movie director Christophe Gans seemingly ruined multiple games already. In May, images from a supposed PS5-exclusive Silent Hill game leaked online.

Sadly, it seems that Xbox is being locked out in the cold. Remembering 1999's Silent Hill was like Resident Evil in 1996 and debuted as a PlayStation exclusive, it makes sense. Also, Sony reportedly delayed an upcoming showcase because it would solidify Microsoft's claims the PlayStation powerhouse doesn't need Call of Duty to survive. Sorry Xbots, but it looks like you'll have to settle for Halo and Fable - oh, and the entire CoD catalogue.

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