Fallout: Nuevo Mexico is the New Vegas sequel we all need

Fallout: Nuevo Mexico is the New Vegas sequel we all need
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Tom Chapman


17th Jul 2023 15:01

Thirteen years after Fallout: New Vegas opened up the vault and blew our expectations out of the water, it's probably time to accept we aren't getting a sequel. Well, not in its traditional Fallout form. Although there's been plenty of talk about a New Vegas 2 or a New Vegas remaster, nothing has come to pass.

Thankfully, for every New Vegas hope that's dashed, something else pops up in its place. The modding community is never short of ideas to keep the franchise fresh. We're sure you've heard all about the hyped Fallout: London, but if you want to keep your desert delights, how about Fallout: Nuevo Mexico?

Fallout: Nuevo Mexico gets glossy gameplay trailer

As the name suggests, this New Vegas spin-off takes us to the lawless plains of New Mexico. The project was first announced in 2021, and since, has gained quite a following. There has so far been the odd interview and teaser trailer, but this is first time we've got a look at its gameplay.

Instead of a fixed origin, players will get to choose from The Convict or The Dreamer. The Convict has escaped the clutches of a Vault-Tec prison, while playing as The Dreamer lets you step into the shoes of a Ghoul - something we've wanted to do for ages.

Set five years after the original FalloutNuevo Mexico is technically a New Vegas prequel. This full conversion mod takes the basics of the 2010 title and effectively gives us a 3D version of the very first Fallout. Journeying to the Land of Enchantment, we also see elements of Interplay's canned "Van Buren."

Does Fallout: Nuevo Mexico have a release date?

Fallout Nuevo Mexico gameplay trailer
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Despite being announced two years ago, Fallout: Nuevo Mexico still doesn't have a release date. Then again, boasting its own soundtrack and a fully acted voice cast, we can see why it's taking its time. From what we've seen from the gameplay trailer, it's clear things are coming along nicely.

The Fallout: Nuevo Mexico team has promised two more in-depth teasers, so expect to learn more about this ghoulish gallop soon. Fallout 76's Expeditions: Atlantic City update is channelling the New Vegas vibes, and with the likes of Nuevo Mexico and London, do we really need New Vegas 2? Well, yeah, of course we do. 

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