New-Gen Fallout: New Vegas Remake Is A Thing Of Beauty

New-Gen Fallout: New Vegas Remake Is A Thing Of Beauty
Obsidian Entertainment | TeaserPlay

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Tom Chapman


4th Jul 2022 12:19

Spin-offs are always a gamble. Sadly, while we wish everything was what Apex Legends is to Titanfall, a lot are Umbrella Corps to Resident Evil. Thankfully falling into the camp of great spin-offs is Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas. The 2010 classic is back with a vengeance, as someone has delivered a new-gen Fallout: New Vegas remake.

By the time we got to New Vegas, the Fallout name was in something of a limbo. Bethesda had taken over from Interplay to lead the franchise into a new era, and after the success of Fallout 3 in 2008, was keen to create a sequel. With the Bethesda team hard at work on Skyrim, it gave Obsidian the keys to the kingdom in a gamble that paid off.

What's The New-Gen Fallout: New Vegas Look Like?

In 2022, remakes and remasters are everywhere. The long-rumoured The Last of Us remaster is on the way, and while a mythical New Vegas remake is just a pipe dream, someone rebuilding the Mojave Desert in Unreal Engine 5 shows what we're missing out on.

Noted remaker TeaserPlay has shown off a new-gen Fallout: New Vegas remake, and it's a thing of beauty. Using a host of modern improvements, the showcase trailer was made using Lumen, Nanite, Screen Space Ray Tracing and Global Illumination Shader. The video's description explains, "We hope that Bethesda will officially remake Fallout New Vegas soon and we really hope that this video will be able to clear the level of expectations of the fans for Bethesda." 

The Courier has never looked better, and fans agree. "I just found this and my god what a masterpiece i hope this comes true for fallout nv the best fallout game ever" said one, while another added, "The potential with this project. This game was too atmospheric, would love to see a masterfully crafted remaster from Bethesda. Outstanding work here." A third concluded, "This is what they should've done over FO76. That's what remasters are for, they fill a place and pad content so you have time to work on something new while still retaining revenue."


Will We Get A New-Gen Fallout: New Vegas Remake?

Sadly, Unreal Engine 5 builds from fans might be as close as we get to an actual Fallout: New Vegas remake. Bethesda isn't really known for its remakes (just repackaging Skyrim), and remember that the rights fall into something of a legal minefield due to the fact it's under Obsidian and would involve a lot of wrangling from all sides. 

In 2017, Lead Designer Josh Sawyer said "I know there are tons of people at Obsidian who would love to work on a Fallout game again. If we were given the chance, we would certainly love to." Five years later, there are no moves on either a New Vegas sequel or remake. Last year, the leaker who correctly spoiled Half-Life: Alyx claimed a remake was on the way, but again, Bethesda and Obsidian don't seem ready to roll the dice yet. For the time being, it looks like the House really has won. 

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