Fall Guys Is Officially Coming To Xbox This Summer

Fall Guys Is Officially Coming To Xbox This Summer

Written by 

Mel Ramsay


18th Feb 2021 14:18

Xbox has just announced that Fall Guys is coming to their platform this summer. 

They took to Twitter to share the news, writing: "You dropped this Crown.. Fall Guys is landing on Xbox Series XIS and Xbox One this summer."

The news has had mixed reviews by Twitter users, with some claiming that the game is 'dead'. However, others were much more receptive to the news. One person wrote: "oh heck yes thank you @FallGuysGame and @Xbox I always had to play on my PlayStation to play fall guys but know I can play it on my favorite [sic] console thank you so much."

Fall Guys' official Twitter account also released the news, and within the first 12 minutes of posting had an eye-watering 2k favourites. 

Back in September, rumours surrounding the game coming to Xbox were rife. Posting on Twitter @thetiny said he looked deep into the code and claimed the build of Fall Guys was compatible with Xbox One. The specific line of code that read, "GetXboxOneUserIDFromUnityJoystick", was the big talking point. 

The question still remains regarding whether Fall Guys will follow in the footsteps of Among Us and bring out a mobile version. Although Chinese company Bilibili has secured the rights to Fall Guys Mobile over there, it's currently unclear when/if it will be given a wider release.

Whether you think that the game is 'dead' or not, the news that it's coming to a new platform is nothing but positive for those who love it. 


Featured image credit: Mediatonic 

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