One Gamer Has Created An Elder Scrolls Online Nintendo Switch Mod

One Gamer Has Created An Elder Scrolls Online Nintendo Switch Mod

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Jack Marsh


3rd Jun 2021 11:09

Whilst The Elder Scrolls Online may not have hit the same traction as its offline series' sixth instalment, Skyrim, the MMORPG has still racked up 18 million lifetime players. Having been released in 2014, TES Online has been an attractive offer for fans of Dragonborn's tales, allowing you to visit previous areas of the series and continue the quests with friends or backstabbing foes. 

Currently, the game is available on PC and consoles, with the on-the-move consoles like Nintendo Switch being overlooked - although the power of the modding community must not be underestimated. 

One modder has been grinding the Transmute Spell to get their Smithing to 100 in real life, as they have now created a mod that allows The Elder Scrolls Online to play on Nintendo Switch.

The Elder Scrolls Online Nintendo Switch Mod

With the omission of the MMORPG from Switch consoles, Reddit user "Gadaaavo" has created The Elder Scrolls Online Nintendo Switch Mod, allowing him to roam Tamriel from the comfort of his travels, whether that be a local park, train carriage, or at their grandparent's house.

Currently, the modder has kept the design to themselves, although he says that it "works perfectly" and has "zero latency" when playing. 

Will Elder Scrolls Come To Nintendo Switch?

Currently, Nintendo and Bethesda Studios have no plans to bring The Elder Scrolls Online to Switch, especially following the acquisition of the developers by Xbox owners Microsoft

Despite this, the Reddit user behind the mod has proven that the game would be a hit with the community and says it "would be a dream" for the full game to be released on the handheld console.

The Elder Scrolls Online player base may not be being granted a Nintendo Switch variant as of yet, but they are being treated with a chunky Blackwood DLC package. Having previously added areas of Morrowind, the Blackwood DLC will see much of Cyrodiil become discoverable - the first remastered version of Tamriel's capital city which is the setting for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

TES Online will also be landing on a new console as of June 15, although it will be the next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles rather than the Nintendo Switch.


Image via Bethesda | Nintendo

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