Dunder Mifflin Goes Post-Apocalyptic In The Last Of Us The Office Easter Egg

Dunder Mifflin Goes Post-Apocalyptic In The Last Of Us The Office Easter Egg
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Joseph Kime


12th Sep 2022 10:35

The Last Of Us Part I is, of course, an absolute treat for fans.

Despite many complaints about the AAA price tag that comes with the game, so far, it looks as though the new remake of the original masterpiece has become the definitive way to experience Joel and Ellie's story. With revamped combat and a new lick of paint, the game is massively impressive - and Naughty Dog haven't been neglectful with making sure the game is a perfect way to experience the narrative, with some areas totally revamped to make them feel fresh. 

And one of those areas happens to be an Easter egg that recreates a certain sitcom's set.

The Office US Has Been Recreated In The Last Of Us Part I

Despite how faithful the remake of the game is, The Last Of Us Part I has taken some liberties with its setting, and have included a brand-new Easter egg that references the US edition of The Office.

The room was first brought to the internet by TikTok user rxelei, who ducked away from some enemies into a nearby room, to discover a full recreation of the office of Dunder Mifflin from the hit NBC series.

It's an incredibly faithful recreation of the office if it had been mobbed by baddies, with stacked desks and sofas to keep the Infected out, but with Pam's desk and Michael's office all remaining in the same place.

It's a very impressive recreation, and frankly, it's impressive that it has taken this long for such a bold reference to be discovered.

But that's not the only Easter egg that could be buried in The Last Of Us Part I.

Fans Think They've Found Hints At Naughty Dog's New Game

The Last Of Us Part I seems to be hiding more than we expected, as some players think they've uncovered a hint at what the next game from Naughty Dog could be.

Plastered on a few walls in the game are some posters that seem to have something of a fantasy theme, that fans expect could be a teaser of what's to come from the company, much in the same way that a newspaper in Uncharted 3 teased the arrival of The Last of Us.

Of course, we won't know until we get a reveal - but it's fascinating to consider regardless. At least we can fart around in Dunder Mifflin for the time being. Boardroom meetings are not included, though.

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