The Doc practically lived on Verdansk before his Twitch ban - but will he ever return to Warzone?

17:20, 17 Jul 2020

DrDisrespect is known for many things. His incredible sense of fashion, his hilarious rage moments, and, of course, his action-packed streaming. Most recently, that streaming consisted of Call of Duty: Warzone.

As any true gamer knows, the Doc was unceremoniously banned from Twitch, for what appears still to be a mystery reason. In his first interview since he disappeared mid-stream on June 26, DrDisrespect (real name Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV) told The Washington Post that his ban was a “total shock”, going on to reference a possible return to streaming with “I will not be returning to Twitch, so, I mean, that's it” and when questioned about another platform snapping up the successful streamer he said:

Let's just say all the cards are on the table.

Reports suggest that Beahm may begin streaming on his own website ( or make a surprise move to YouTube or Facebook Gaming.


Since Call of Duty: Warzone’s release in March 2020, DrDisrespect immediately began streaming the game on a regular basis to his impressive numbers of viewers (4.39M total followers before the ban) on Twitch, playing to his Battle Royale strengths, and combining that with taking advantage of the interest in this fresh new game from Activision. Doc's first-ever YouTube video was none other than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,  in 2010, meaning DrDisrespect has come full circle in a decade's time and returned to his first love.

Doc has always been regarded as a “personality” in gaming, rather than a “pro”, but his performances in his streams are still highly skilled, as well as hilarious.

DrDisrespect took to Warzone like a duck to water, given his experience playing other BR titles such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG.

His footage speaks for itself, moments of triumph and joy (and killstreaks) sprinkled amongst humiliating defeats and blunders. 

Warzone spoke to Doc’s personality, giving him the right environment to flourish. Taking a  fight or flight approach and throwing flight out of the window, his aggressive playstyle drew millions of viewers during his Warzone streams, leading to some pretty incredible moments. There appears to be no end to the moustachioed man's talents, as he runs ‘n’ guns his way through all of the modes available.

Violence. Speed. Momentum.

Doc’s playstyle is just that – violent, fast and always on to the next big thing. So will Doc come back to Warzone on another streaming platform? Or perhaps give up on the COD title altogether, and return to Fortnite, Apex, or even new Ubisoft game Hyper Scape? It would be a shame for the ban to cast a shadow on DrDisrespect's Warzone streaming career, one which many argue is the game that shot him to streamer superstardom, but as Doc always says:

I'm on top of the mountain, and I'm only half way up!

Wherever Doc ends up - Verdansk is waiting for him to return.


Images via DrDisrespect

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