Dragon’s Dogma 2 players are using rotten food to tackle Dragonsplague

Dragon’s Dogma 2 players are using rotten food to tackle Dragonsplague
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Joseph Kime


4th Apr 2024 10:45

Even though Dragon's Dogma 2 might be contending with public discourse over its microtransaction fiasco, it hasn't done much to rub some players the wrong way. Ask anyone actually playing the game, and they'll tell you it's a fantasy title for the ages.

Players have been loving their time in Vermund and Battahl, getting truly immersed in this sprawling, tough-to-traverse world, and recruiting plenty of Pawns to help out. But, there's an affliction gripping Pawns everywhere - and players are coming up with a pretty smart plan to combat it.

Dragonsplague has struck Dragon's Dogma 2's Pawns

A plague-ridden dragon emits its illness in Dragon's Dogma 2.
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The deadly Dragonsplague has reared its head in Dragon's Dogma 2 and spells the doom of its Pawns. As players react to its potentially cataclysmic properties, they're coming up with a pretty clever means of warning others that the plague has spread.

Dragonsplague is a slow grind on a Pawn's life, first revealing itself in a red hum that appears in their eyes or a sharp shift in personality. It'll eventually kill them or spread if left uncleansed, and the only thing a player can really do is watch their loyal Pawn die.

It's a sad affliction that always seems to strike your favourite Pawn by some cruel twist of fate, and gamers are sadly returning their favourites to progress. The problem is that another player can pick up a Dragonsplague-infected Pawn and suffer the same fate.

Fans make a rotten plan for plague-ridden Pawns

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Dragon's Dogma 2 fans have taken to Steam blogs and Reddit to devise a plan to send back Pawns without feeling too guilty about their status. Putting it to the forum, they've devised the plan by putting some rotten food in their inventory. It signifies some level of decay as a way of telling the Pawn's owner that something is awry.

Unlike the previously suggested detoxifying potions and poison, it makes perfect sense because rotten food is pretty easy to come by. It's a stroke of genius from fans, but the system needs players to be entirely on board for it to work. At least now you know what to do to a Dragonsplague Pawn that you're not willing to sling into the ocean.

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