Dragon’s Dogma 2 players are trying to bang their Pawns

Dragon’s Dogma 2 players are trying to bang their Pawns
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Tom Chapman


2nd Apr 2024 10:25

You're a thirsty lot, aren't you? We don't know what it is about ogling video game characters, but to be honest, we thought we'd moved past being enamoured with the shape of Lara Croft's breasts. Whether it's a case of not getting enough in real life or finding a connection with your favourite character, some are obsessed with romancing their video game characters. 

In an era where Baldur's Gate 3 lets you bang bears and engage in creepy clown sex, Dragon's Dogma 2 is here to continue the trend. Both are fantasy RPGs with impressive character creators, and after Baldur's Gate 3 unveiled its out-there romance options, Dragon's Dogma 2 is here to carry on the trend. 

Dragon's Dogma 2 players want to romance their pawns

Over on the Dragon's Dogma 2 subreddit, randy players are appealing to Capcom to introduce a romance mechanic for their Pawns. We're almost there, and with your main Pawn coming into the house with you when you sleep, who's to say they won't soon be jumping into bed with you?

Saying, "And yes, I do want a pawn romance DLC, how did you know?" the OP points out that if you raise your main Pawn's affinity high enough, they'll even blush when talking to you. As this is how romance options work with other characters, it implies that Pawn romancing may have at least been considered by the developer.

Others agreed, with one supporter writing, "I always wanted a pawn romance since DD:DA, but a decently done one, not this half-baked stuff they added like an afterthought." Another added, "The thing is I grew attached to my pawn rather than ANY character in this game," and a third joked, "Pawnsexual bros, we won."

As your Pawns are loyal companions that go through the wringer with you, they'd arguably be more likely to fall for the Arisen than some buxom barmaid. Let's also remember you can also use your main Pawn as the answer to the Sphinx quest riddle about presenting the one you love the most. 

Dragon's Dogma 2 DLC can add Pawn romance

Dragon's Dogma 2 overworld
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Image via Capcom

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Once the dust has settled on Capcom's microtransaction drama, we imagine at least one major DLC akin to the original Dragon's Dogma adding its Dark Arisen overhaul. A recent 'leak' of a mythical Dragon's Dogma 2 DLC was laughed off the internet, but that doesn't mean Capcom doesn't have grand plans. 

The developer has already confirmed updates for bug fixes and the addition of ray-tracing, but as is commonplace with most modern games, a DLC is expected. It's true that Baldur's Gate 3 isn't getting a DLC, but again, this is where Dragon's Dogma 2 can overtake its rival. 

Capcom has already been asking players for their opinions on a potential DLC, and if the team is lurking in the depths of Reddit, they're likely looking out for threads like this about what you'd like to see. You never know, your Arisen could soon get lucky with their Pawns. 

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