Dr Disrespect Implores Warzone Devs To Combat 'Boring Games'

Dr Disrespect Implores Warzone Devs To Combat 'Boring Games'
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Jack Marsh


20th Jul 2022 16:03

Like many other Warzone players, Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV is sick to his stomach with how boring Caldera is. It's quite the snoozefest.

Caldera isn't doing itself any favours either, given that a range of the best Warzone streamers are being shadowbanned from the map, driving their devoted players over to Fortune's Keep, or in Doc's case, away from the game entirely.

For Dr Disrespect, although he's broken his vow to never play Caldera again, a complete lack of gaming variety in recent weeks has tempted him into a return. After a few streaming sessions though, he's bored, and you can't blame him. Thankfully, he's identified one way of making it better, if only the developers will listen.

Dr Disrespect Explains How To Fix Boring Caldera Games

Starting with the problem, Dr Disrespect said, "Doesn’t it feel like Warzone Caldera games take forever? They’re so long, so boring."

Here's how to fix it, and it relies on bloodlust. "I feel like the speed of the game, and the circles, have got to be bumped up. Just flood the map with bounties."

Doc would add many more bounties to the game to increase the need for movement in the games and how quickly players will get killed, which will speed up the way the lobbies collapse. 


Dr Disrespect Believes Bounties Will Fix Boring Caldera Games

"Just flood the map with bounties, please," he added. 

However, this one feature may not be enough on its own. Yes, theoretically players will die quicker after being hunted, but the circle closing times would also need to be hastened - which Dr Disrespect touches on slightly. Otherwise, players would cower in the far corners of Caldera until the storms collapse and eventually evade bounties.

Players in need for tempo and pace might well be best suited to Rebirth Island at the moment, and with Caldera on its last legs, it's sometimes less cruel to give it a quick and merciless death rather than prolong the suffering.

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