Dead By Daylight’s Xenomorph Queen goes viral over ‘alien butt’

Dead By Daylight’s Xenomorph Queen goes viral over ‘alien butt’
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5th Sep 2023 08:51

It seems that in space, no one can hear you clap. At least, that's the mantra that the Dead By Daylight designers have gone with when it comes to their Alien crossover. The acid-bleeding blighters have joined the Fog, and living up to their legendary horror status, it'll take more than your average Survivor to take them down.

As Alien is one of the most iconic horror franchises out there, we've been cowering behind our cushions since Ridley Scott first took us aboard the Nostromo in 1979. Alien video games have been notoriously hit-and-miss, but when it comes to crossovers, it's not just Alien vs. Predator that's been a riot. 

Dead By Daylight's Alien Queen is serving a$$

Some seven years after Dead By Daylight helped pioneer the asymmetric horror game genre, we're surprised it took Behaviour Interactive this long to give us a face hug from those cold creatures. The arrival of the Alien crossover was no surprise, but the fact we've got the full-blown Alien Queen was a big win.

With this being the de facto Xenomorph ruler instead of any old drone, the Dead By Daylight Alien Queen is packing in all departments. This supersized foe is sure to give the new Ellen Ripley Survivor a run for her money, but it's the Xeno's posterior that's making her go viral.

That's right, even aliens can serve cake.

Twitter has been awash with wide-eyed players who can't believe the Xenomorph queen is quite so "thicc," Dead By Daylight has an unusual history with asses (read on after the jump), so fans are over the moon that the Alien Queen is packing. It's still a bit creepy to ogle this murderous beast. 

Dead By Daylight is making up for Pyramid Head

Dead By Daylight Alien crossover artwork
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Behaviour Interactive

It seems you're equally obsessed with that sci-fi bunda. One player wrote, "Seeing Dead by Daylight give the alien queen a big fat ass really makes her look like the early millennial equivalent of Gardevoir. Same degens different actual gens," while another said, "Leave it to horror fans to give the Alien Queen a fat ass."

A third reiterated that Xeno designer, H.R. Giger, would've likely loved it: "Reminder that James Cameron designed the Queen and never even consulted Giger about it. A Giger Queen would definitely have been thick. Honestly, giving the Queen the thiccest thighs fits with the Giger inspiration even more."

You might remember when DBD was called out for "nerfing" Pyramid Head's ass. The Silent Hill legend's pancake became quite the talking point. One angry critic mused, "Hey so @deadbydaylight why the f**k does the alien queen skin have an absolute dumptruck of an ass but pyramid head gets wet cardboard."

Dead By Daylight's Alien crossover was always going to be a hit, but now that it's gone viral, expect even more fans to be booting up that booty. We can just imagine Ripley saying, "The squat rack, get away from her, you b*tch."

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