Dead By Daylight Crossover With Attack On Titan Sounds Wild

Dead By Daylight Crossover With Attack On Titan Sounds Wild
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Tom Chapman


14th Jul 2022 13:21

The next Dead by Daylight crossover has been revealed and it's a massive one... quite literally. Following in the footsteps of Stranger ThingsResident EvilHellraiser, and all the rest, the Japanese manga and its expanded universe is ready to tear down the walls of Behaviour Interactive's asymmetric horror. 

It's easy to forget that Dead by Daylight came out six years ago, however, it's only since the global pandemic locked us up in our houses that it's really taken off. Much like how Fortnite keeps things fresh with pop culture crossovers - and to a lesser degree Call of Duty: WarzoneDead by Daylight has followed suit with horror icons.

What Is The Dead By Daylight And Attack On Titan Crossover?

The official DbD Twitter shared an image of the Armored Titan that is a major presence in the manga and anime. Peering through the door of a house, it looks like a terrifying presence that will have players jumping out of their skin. 

It's unclear what skins will be coming in terms of Killers or Survivors, but we've previously seen leaks that point to Eren Yaeger, Hange, and the Armored Titan all being revamped versions of Dwight, Zarina, and Oni. Behaviour has teased that ten skins for Killers and Survivors will arrive in the store. If this is the case, it's not a full-blown AoT crossover but you can simply dress as these characters in the game. 

Behaviour has also confirmed a bunch of Attack on Titan charms in-game. The Cadet Corps Charm will be available simply by logging in during the mid-chapter release, while the Scout Regiment Crest Charm is earned by buying any three outfits from the upcoming Attack on Titan Collection. Remembering that Call of Duty added a bizarre Attack on Titan crossover in the midst of World War II, at least the DbD collab makes a little more sense.


Dead By Daylight And Attack On Titan Crossover Release Date

There's a lot going on in the Deadverse right now. As well as the upcoming Resident Evil Chapter 25 crossover that brings Albert Wesker to the party, we've got the Hooked On You dating sim where you can try and romance some bloodthirsty killers. The Resident Evil crossover is coming in August, but we're expecting Attack on Titan to come stomping into the game sooner than that.

Over on the DBDNews Discord, leaks claim the AoT crossover is coming on July 19, meaning you don't have long to wait at all. Then again, others think the fact the Resident Evil chapter has been pushed back from August 9 to August 16 means the DBD mid-chapter 6.1.0 update could come later in July. Either way, with the colossal size of Titans, we don't think this will be a crossover you can miss. 

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