All four classes of Legends could be receiving their own unique buffs

17:00, 09 Mar 2020

Apex Legends never seems to have a shortage of datamined leaks on offer, and the patch for the System Override Event was no different. Bringing with it a whole heap of quality of life changes, as well as bug fixes, leaker ILootGames has been busy, yet again, finding all the juicy details within the codes to bring to the fans.

The latest leaks are in relation to a buff to the Apex Legends character classes; Support, Defensive, Offensive, and Recon, which have so far not amounted to much in terms of unique perks. ILootGames released a YouTube video following the Apex update on the 3rd of March, detailing the class-specific perks he managed to unearth. It goes without saying that these leaks are subject to change, and may never actually make it into the game, but the evidence does point towards these particular leaks becoming fact. Watch it below;

Extra Supplies

The first clue was the appearance of new blue supply bins in the Season 4: Assimilation trailer, which was explained away by the devs as playtesting. It appears these blue supply bins will be for Support characters to gather extra supplies, such as healing items, and currently only applies to Lifeline. However, with the supposed introduction of Loba in Season 5, there will be two legends making use of these class-specific bins.

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Defensive characters Gibraltar, Caustic and Wattson will receive their own perk too; the restoration of shields when reviving a downed teammate. There have, as yet, been no specific details on how much shield will be given to the revived ally, but it may be akin to reviving using a gold backpack.

Grenade Slots

Offensive legends Wraith, Bangalore, Mirage, Octane, and Revenant will get a unique new ability too; two special inventory slots for grenades. This leak makes the most sense of all, given the recent single-grenade-stacking nerf to inventories in the game.

Beacon Usage

Recon characters Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Crypto will reportedly all soon be able to use survey beacons to find the next circle, meaning Path may receive a new passive ability to make up for this. We may also see new animations for Bloodhound and Crypto’s usage of the beacons.

There was no further info as to when these new class-specific perks may be coming to the game, but it would make sense for Loba’s introduction to the Apex Legends gang to precede it, so look out for these unique abilities coming to the game in Season 5.


Images via ILootGames and Respawn Entertainment

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