Changes to Gibraltar and Bloodhound have got the community talking

17:00, 05 Mar 2020

The Apex Legends System Override Collection Event rolled out an update including Quality of Life and meta changes to the game.

The most dynamic of these changes was the buff to character Bloodhound and nerf to Gibraltar.



Technological Tracker Bloodhound received a buff in a recent update allowing their ultimate to be extended by five seconds every time the player downed an enemy, but for System Override, Respawn has also buffed their tactical ability. The Eye of the Allfather scan is intended to discover heat signatures of enemies and track their movements for a short period but has been discussed unfavorably by players for a while, due to its short-range and ability to be noticed by enemy teams. Apex Legends has listened, and now the scan distance has increased 3x, with the duration being upped from two seconds to three, allowing players to more easily activate their tactical pre-combat to find enemies.

Reddit user u/The_sheep_man commented “this new buff is amazing. I find myself actually using my tactical… Overall I love entering a fight and knowing where everyone is.”

Players are even noticing an increase in Bloodhounds seen in the game, commenting that their tactical is now “handy when the circle is small”, and “I can scan and successfully find out if people are camping in nearby buildings.”



Shielded Fortress Gibraltar has long been grumbled about in the Apex Legends community for being overpowered. Gibraltar players can enjoy a fortified buff, allowing them to take 15% more damage than other characters and immunity from slowing effects. Gibby also holds a gun shield, which protects his upper body and did soak up 75 points of damage, which has been reduced to 50 following the System Override update.

The Apex Legends subreddit looks to be happy overall with this QOL change, with one user commenting “that's going to make all the difference now in fighting Gibraltar”.

Some players are still not satisfied with the nerf, as u/9_Xyro remarked “they need to hit him harder. What other legend's abilities can compete with 15% less damage, 75 hp gun shield that can recharge mid-fight… It's absurd at this point and it needs to end.”

Future Apex Legends updates may seek to further balance the Legends abilities based on the feedback from System Override but, for now, Gibraltar is a little easier to fight, and Bloodhound more useful to play.

Images via Respawn Entertainment

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