Completing Warzone 2 Strongholds Will Give You A Permanent UAV

Completing Warzone 2 Strongholds Will Give You A Permanent UAV
Infinity Ward

Written by 

Jack Marsh


16th Nov 2022 15:04

Warzone 2 is here, and with it comes all of the new features that were promised. A new-look loot system, an overhauled Gulag, Al Mazrah, and Strongholds.

The Warzone-first feature will allow players to enter these strongholds and fight against increasingly difficult levels of AI, before being rewarded with high-tier ground loot, ammunition, armour, perks, and even loadout drops.

Loadout Drops from the Strongholds will be the only chance for teams to get exclusive access to their full weapon kits, with other game-given drops being shared by all teams. But this isn't the only thing that Strongholds will be good for, as they will also offer an unlimited UAV.

Warzone 2 Strongholds Will Give Out Permanent UAVs

The Strongholds won't be for the faint-hearted, as not only will players be racing to find them and destroy the AI within, other teams will be circling and can come in from behind to take your spoil of the treasures. 

Once the AI has been eliminated, players will be able to see exactly where the encircling sharks are, as completing a Stronghold gives off a UAV that will last the entirety of the game.

The permanent UAV will only cover the location of the Stronghold itself, and won't carry with you throughout the whole of Al Mazrah, but it will serve as a handy ping to get out of the hot spot and also double-back if other teams come knocking.

How Mant Strongholds Are In Warzone 2?

Infinity Ward's newest creation won't be as straightforward as we first thought, though, as these strongholds will be in three of 77 random locations throughout Al Mazrah.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Raven Software Associate creative director J.J. Williams revealed that there are "77 [Stronghold locations] in the map, but we spawn three at a time".

The new additions will likely add a new competitive element to Warzone 2, with the most fearsome players coming out of the stronghold alive, or staying well clear.

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