CoD Zombies teases Richtofen’s return in Modern Warfare 3

CoD Zombies teases Richtofen’s return in Modern Warfare 3

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Jack Marsh


18th Sep 2023 12:35

You can be forgiven for not quite being able to keep up with the Call of Duty Zombies storyline, as between Ultimis, Primis, Dark Aether, Omega, and any other group or storyline, the character arcs became more than confusing.

But what is certain is that the puppetmaster, Dr Richtofen, is always pulling the strings behind either the Apothicons' invasion or the attempts to thwart them (depending on which timeline we're in). More recently, he's emerged as the ultimate antagonist.

Having been resurrected again in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies storyline, and turning on his friends Samantha Maxis and co. following the Forsaken map, Richtofen is now at large once again. New leaks suggest that the meddlesome madman will continue to haunt players in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies teasers hint at Dr Richtofen's return

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Modern Warfare 3 will see Zombies land in the Infinity Ward series for just the second time, developed by Treyarch to avoid the hapless mistakes made in Infinite Warfare, where the Black Ops storyline will bleed into the current-day warfare. 

And even though not everyone is sold on the Outbreak DMZ crossover, it does seem like there will be a lot of Treyarch influence, as new teasers emerge that confirm Richtofen's involvement.

Taking to X (Twitter) ahead of the CoD Next event, which will see Modern Warfare 3 Zombies be aired for the first time, Call of Duty has revealed that Richtofen will play a huge part in the storyline again.

New MW3 teasers ramp up hype for Zombies


The new teasers for Modern Warfare 3 zombies are signed off by "- Director", which is one of many aliases used by Richtofen in the Zombies series.

It appears that the storyline will be a direct continuation of the Black Ops Cold War outbreak, or at least serve as a look into the future for the story. This will undoubtedly be expanded on in Treyarch's 2025 title, and will involve the dissolved Requiem characters like Sam and Weaver.

Zombies will feature as part of the October 5 CoD Next program, where we will get a first look at the map and the designs behind this newly formatted game mode.

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