Fan-made TranZit Remastered makes the best CoD Zombies map even better

Fan-made TranZit Remastered makes the best CoD Zombies map even better
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7th Sep 2023 16:50

Call of Duty Zombies does have its moments in the modern gaming landscape, but there's no denying that there's much more quality buried in the early days.

World at War and Black Ops were undoubtedly the homes of the very best maps that the series has ever had, and even the continued sequels to the Black Ops series turned out some bangers. Though at the time, there were a few that saw TranZit, the launch map for Black Ops 2, as a low point for the franchise.

We've now come to see how truly wrong we were, and thankfully, there are those willing to put the TranZit map on a pedestal for us to take for another spin.

Fan-made remastered TranZit looks fantastic

The still massive community of Call of Duty Zombies modders appear to have come together to bring to life a Zombies map that never got the love it deserved - TranZit. The much-maligned map put players at odds with the undead at many different stops along a bus route.

Modders have put their heads together to bring a remastered edition of the map to Black Ops 3 Zombies' custom map capabilities, and they've revealed a new trailer showing off the map in all of its newly remastered glory.

"We're doing the full Tranzit 1:1 all original features. + A different version for players to explore," says a new tweet from the team behind the remaster. "This means players can play the original with updated graphics but with BO2 HUD, Weapons, etc."

Don't expect to play TranZit Remastered soon

If you want to get in on the TranZit remaster, then there might be a wait. There's a list for early access - but get signed up, and you might have a chance to get in on the ground floor and play it when it first launches. We heard whispers TranZit would be back in Cold War, but as it never happened, it's over to the players. 

The TranZit remastered map is a pretty grand undertaking, and yet, it's not anything that the undead locale doesn't deserve. The map has been long overdue for a comeback, so we're glad it's the fans who are making it happen.

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