CoD Devs Are Changing Weapon Damage Between MW2 And Warzone 2

CoD Devs Are Changing Weapon Damage Between MW2 And Warzone 2
Images via Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


13th Jan 2023 14:28

Call of Duty's battle royale only exists because of its multiplayer counterpart, and unlike other franchises like Titanfall and Apex Legends, the developing tree has decided to keep the franchise consistently integrated - for better or for worse. 

The weapon integration is the most obvious likeness to the multiplayer, with all of the guns from Modern Warfare 2 being the basis for Warzone 2's arsenal.

Or so we thought... It now appears that not every gun in Warzone 2 is a complete replica of that in MW2, with some stats being overhauled between the two.

Data Shows Warzone Weapons Are Better Than MW2 Counterparts

Popular Warzone content creator "TrueGameData" has found that not every gun in the BR is a carbon copy of its MW2 counterpart. In fact, every player in the game is using one gun that is inherently different: the X12.

The starting pistol in Warzone 2 is much better in the BR than the pea shooter that it is in multiplayer. The base weapon is actually 40% better in Warzone, allowing it to shred through armoured opponents much quicker.

TrueGameData worked out that the gun deals 41 damage to the chest in Warzone at maximum range, without any attachments, whereas the multiplayer variant only does 29. This discrepancy means that it takes two fewer bullets to kill a two-plated armoured opponent (200/41= five bullets, 200/29 = seven bullets). 

Warzone 2 Weapon Deals More Damage Than In MW2

While this might be somewhat expected - given that Warzone 2 has a much bigger health bar - only one other weapon has slightly different damage values, but none to this significant ratio.

The content creator found that the only other damage difference was with the M4, where he found that the M4 had a +2 damage at mid-range. 

It actually appears that the starting pistol is one of the best close-range guns in the game, so if you're really struggling for loot, it could be a great back-pocket pullout. Just not in MW2.

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