Call of Duty: Warzone's new update includes four new weapons alongside a new map and operator for multiplayer

14:55, 27 Mar 2020

Infinity Ward has released four new weapons into Call of Duty: Warzone, which can be looted from the ground, or found in loot boxes. Here’s a quick recap of all four weapons, and what else is new from the patch.

MK2 Carbine

This Marksman Rifle is a multiplayer favourite, with it dealing 145 headshot damage at any range. This does mean that it will require at least 2 hits in Warzone to a player wearing armour. Its base damage of 90 will mean that it could take up to three hits. With it being a lootable weapon it is unlikely that you will be facing a fully armoured player, so two shots will probably be the benchmark for a Warzone Kill. This could be quite a handy weapon to pick up in the early stage of a game.

Marksmen Rifle – EBR-14

Another Marksman Rifle, but this is a much faster but less powerful rifle. However, it does have an interesting damage rate. Its base damage is 55 and is similar to the FAL Assault Rifle, however, it has a 2.75x headshot multiplier, meaning its headshot damage can be between 165 and 143, like the MK2 Carbine. This is better suited to those players who can consistently hit headshots.

Handgun – .50 GS

The Desert Eagle. You may have come across this before in the Gulag. It’s a high damage pistol but may not be as useful as other guns that you can find early on. It can make for a good secondary though, as per Captain Price: ‘switching to your pistol is quicker’.

Shotgun – 725

Within this patch shotguns have been slightly buffed meaning that they can no longer be a one-shot kill to an opponent with full armour, however, the 725 is the most powerful shotgun that Modern warfare has to offer. With its rapid-fire two-round capacity, the 725 can be deadly. Just made sure not to miss as you will spend a lot of time reloading. It can also be used as a sniper with the 'slug rounds' barrel attached, which is pretty awesome.

What else is new?

Loadout Markers are now $8500

The loadouts have been tremendously popular so far, proving to be very overpowered. They have been increased in price to $8500, which is an increase from $6000. This will now limit the Loadout Markers within a lobby and will drive teams towards the random drops around the map.

A New Operator - Talon

Talon will be joining the Coalition group with his trusty companion Indiana. Indiana will be on display with Talon’s finisher move with the dog coming into play, but won’t be running around the map like how Riley did in Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call Of Duty New Operator Talonjpg

Multiplayer 6v6 Map – Khandor Hideout

Khandor Hideout is a Urzikistan based map which centres around a warehouse with larger open areas surrounding it. It will offer both close quartered battles in the warehouse, and long-ranged play around the outsides, a marksman rifle could be the perfect weapon for a mixture of both game styles.

You can keep an eye out for more Call of Duty news and guides on how to be successful in Warzone here at GGRecon.

Images via Activision

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