Call of Duty Players Are Paying To Avoid DMZ

Call of Duty Players Are Paying To Avoid DMZ
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Joseph Kime


28th Nov 2022 10:51

Warzone 2.0 is a pretty refreshing change for fans of the battle royale, but not everyone is completely sold on all of its offerings.

It's certainly exciting to have a new free-to-play Call of Duty battle royale experience, and though some players were incredibly excited to take the new DMZ mode for a spin, others aren't keen… at all.

The battle royale is the main event, and some players just don't want to waste their time with anything else. Now, they're going to extremes to avoid playing the DMZ mode.

Fans Are Paying Real Money For Warzone's Free Items

We knew Warzone fans were picky, but we didn't think it was this bad. It looks as though the new DMZ mode in Warzone 2.0 is proving so repulsive, some players are paying for the mode's specific unlocks with their real money.

This is all in a bid to collect DMZ's payouts without actually playing it. Specifically, players are frustrated by the fact that the M13B Assault Rifle for both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 is only unlockable via the DMZ mode.

Call of Duty Players Are Paying To Avoid DMZ
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Fans are so annoyed by the idea, they're turning to vigilantes on eBay - who are offering their services to players for £10-£25 to join a game of DMZ with the customer.

These money-making shooters will complete its difficult challenge and drop the weapon for them. It's not just players trying to make money and failing on eBay either, as the list of sold listings proves.

Reddit Gets Intense About Players Selling DMZ's Unlocks

Though the strange means of bagging the AR is harmless enough, Reddit seems to be getting pretty mad about it.

"To all the people who ask for the M13B or trying to sell it, I have two kids, a wife, a full time job which required both physical and intellectual abilities and not a big COD gamer, But I managed to get it in 3 try [sic]," says Reddit user aCanadianMaple. "You can do it. Those who sell the gun, go in hell." Blimey.

Another comment echoes this sentiment - "For some people, time is money. Is it free? Yep. Is paying 5 bucks easier than spending an hour or two unlocking? Yep. Is this still stupid? YEP."

It is pretty silly that players are paying, so they don't have to play an in-game challenge, but hey - it's made for a pretty sick side hustle.

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