Call of Duty Players Are Ditching Warzone 2 For Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Players Are Ditching Warzone 2 For Advanced Warfare
Infinity Ward | Sledgehammer Games

Written by 

Jack Marsh


17th Jan 2023 15:56

Warzone is struggling, there's no denying it, and the proof is in the pudding. But, the main feature to point the finger at might just be indirectly pushing players in another direction within the Call of Duty franchise.

It seems like an age ago since the movement was completely slashed, but Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 became synonymously despised by 'movement kids' - a label for those cracked gen-z menaces that loved and mourned slide cancelling and bunny hopping.

With the Warzone 2 movement now slightly more reflective of actual warfare (forbid realism in Call of Duty), these so-called movement kids are now looking elsewhere to scratch their itch, specifically Advanced Warfare.

Why Are Players Moving To Advanced Warfare

Instead of being marooned to the ground in Warzone 2, with little-to-no way of abusing movement mechanics or even sprinting whilst plating armour, Warzone players are now heading back to Sledgehammer Games' 2014 title Advanced Warfare.

While the Warzone 2 player counts have dropped significantly, Advanced Warfare's have risen, and players such as "Guel" are showing why. 

Mechanics such as the double boost, wall punching (similar to tap strafing in games such as Apex Legends), sliding, and ground slamming are now being pushed to the limits. It's making for some exciting viewings.

Why Are Players Leaving Warzone 2 For Advanced Warfare

Even though the game is reaching its tenth birthday, Advanced Warfare stays unrivalled with how its movement works, actually allowing players to use this to their advantage by out-playing their opponent.

Infinity Ward has taken a clear stance against the advanced movement in the current era of Call of Duty, cracking down on these communities and forcing them to play CoD in other ways. After all, why would you want a skill gap in a competitive game? Hmm.

With the possibility of having an Advanced Warfare sequel in the coming years, and a futuristic Warzone evolution if this does happen, maybe the movement kids will come back to haunt us.

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