Call of Duty League World Championships Coverage Hub

Call of Duty League World Championships Coverage Hub

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Jack Marsh


30th Aug 2020 20:00

Who can be crowned the Call of Duty League World Champions? Here's everything you need to know at our coverage hub.

The Call of Duty League is at its climax. Modern Warfare has given us some ups and downs, with the transition from LAN to online, but only one team can be crowned as the best, and there are many players dying to end the year with a ring on their hands. 

Here's everything you'll need to know to get prepared for the ultimate Call of Duty championships.


Going into the World Championships, teams competed in nine events throughout the year to earn CDL points which determined their seed for the Playoffs. The final standings are:

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Stats via the Call of Duty League

Tiebreakers were determined by head to head results, hence how sides such as Florida Mutineers ended above Chicago Huntsmen despite having the same points.

Each placement came as an advantage to the teams, determining their seeding for the Playoffs bracket. First and second will earn their place in Winners Round Three, meaning just one win in the Playoffs will send them to Championship Weekend, whereas those starting in the Elimination Round One will have to win four straight matches if they want to break into the top four through miraculous comeback run.


Here's how the bracket looks...

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Bracket Courtesy of Activision | Bracket Builder

The format will be a double-elimination bracket, where teams will have a shot at redemption if they lose their first match. The exception for the double-elimination is the bottom four, who were placed in the Elimination Round. these sides will only have one shot at progressing, as the top eight will be allowed a second chance. 


After an intense playoff series, Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire and London Royal Ravens advanced to Championship Weekend. FaZe and Empire are seeded in the upper bracket, with a win in their fixture taking them straight to the final. London and Chicago start in the lower bracket, where a win will set up a fixture versus the loser of the upper bracket for a place in the final. 


After the playoffs concluded, the results are...

Wednesday, August 19:

  • Elimination Round One (A) - 8pm BST - Paris Legion 3 vs 0 Seattle Surge - Seattle Surge eliminated from the World Championships in 11/12th Place
  • Elimination Round One (B) - 9:30pm BST - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 3 vs 2 Los Angeles Guerrillas - Los Angeles Guerrillas eliminated from the World Championships in 11/12th Place

Thursday, August 20:

  • Winners Round One (A), 8pm BST - London Royal Ravens 1 vs 3 Toronto Ultra
  • Winners Round One (B), 9:30pm BST - New York Subliners 3 vs 1 Minnesota Rokkr

A full recap can be found here.

Ahead of Day three, the fixtures are as follows:

Friday, August 21:

  • Winners Round Two (A), 8pm BST - Chicago Huntsmen 3 - 2 New York Subliners
  • Winners Round Two (B), 9:30pm BST - Florida Mutineers 1 - 3 Toronto Ultra

Saturday, August 22:

  • Elimination Round Two (A), 6pm BST - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 3 - 0 Minnesota ROKKR - Minnesota ROKKR eliminated from the World Championships in 9/10th Place
  • Elimination Round Two (B), 7:30pm BST - Paris Legion 1 - 3 London Royal Ravens - Paris Legion eliminated from the World Championships in 9/10th Place
  • Winners Round Three (A), 9pm BST - Atlanta FaZe - 2 Chicago Huntsmen
  • Winners Round Three (A), 10:30pm BST - Dallas Empire 3 - 2 Toronto Ultra

Sunday, August 23:

  • Elimination Round Three (A), 6pm BST - New York Subliners 2 - 3 London Royal Ravens - New York Subliners eliminated from the World Championships in 7/8th Place
  • Elimination Round Three (B), 7:30pm BST - Florida Mutineers 0 - 3 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles Florida Mutineers eliminated from the World Championships in 7/8th Place
  • Elimination Round Four (A), 6pm BST - London Royal Ravens 3 - 1 Toronto Ultra - Toronto Ultra eliminated from the World Championships in 5/6th Place
  • Elimination Round Four (B), 7:30pm BST - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 2 - 3 Chicago Huntsmen OpTic Gaming Los Angeles eliminated from the World Championships in 5/6th Place

A full recap can be found here.


The final four games will be played on the weekend of August 29-30, giving teams the mid-week to prepare. It will consist of the top four teams, including the Championship Final which will determine the Call of Duty World Champions. The final will be a best of nine maps, which differs from the best of five throughout the rest of the series.

Saturday, August 29:

  • Winners Finals, 7pm BST - Atlanta FaZe 2 - 3 Dallas Empire
  • Elimination Round Five, 8:30pm BST - Chicago Huntsmen 3 - 1 London Royal Ravens
  • Elimination Finals, 10:30pm BST - Chicago Huntsmen 1 - 3 Atlanta FaZe 

Call of Duty League World Championship Finals Recaps and Results

Saturday, August 29:

  • CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL, 9pm BST - Dallas Empire vs Atlanta FaZe - Dallas Empire start 1-0 by qualifying through the upper bracket.

*Schedule to be updated with correct teams daily as the tournament progresses.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the World Championships will be played online, meaning that there will be no LAN event hosted in a stadium. Every game will be hosted live on YouTube, via the Call of Duty League. Alternatively, you can watch it live here with the following link:

Call of Duty World Championships Prize Pool

With $4,600,000 up for grabs, this is how the prize pool is split.

11/12th Place - $0 - Seattle Surge
11/12th Place - $0 - Los Angeles Guerrillas
9/10th Place - $100K - Paris Legion
9/10th Place - $100K - Minnesota ROKKR
7/8th Place - $175K - New York Subliners
7/8th Place - $175K - Florida Mutineers
5/6th Place - $300K - Toronto Ultra 
5/6th Place - $300K - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
4th Place - $450K - London Royal Ravens
3rd Place - $600K - Chicago Huntsmen
2nd Place - $900K - 


Make sure to stick around at GGRecon for more Call of Duty League World Championship coverage, including day-to-day recaps and in-depth features.


image via AstroGaming

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