Call of Duty accused of adding furries to the game

Call of Duty accused of adding furries to the game
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Tom Chapman


31st Aug 2023 16:43

Does anyone remember when Call of Duty was a proper military simulation game, and the most outlandish Operator we had was Ghost and his haunting visage? You probably didn't notice it, but with Zombies being the first to steer us away from the mud and blood of the trenches, our Mil-Sim days are over.

The 'Fortnitification' of the CoDverse is a hot topic of conversation, and as we're on the brink of Modern Warfare 2 spilling over into Modern Warfare 3, the carry forward system promises all your weird and wonderful Operators will be coming with you, for better or for worse.

Call of Duty accused of appealing to Furries

It's hard to pinpoint when Call of Duty gave up on the idea of realistic Operators, but to be honest, zooming around the future with jetpacks wasn't exactly on the nose with realism. Then again, having Rocky Balboa go against a rat, while Nicki Minaj calls you a b*tch, is a far cry from the franchise's WWII origin.

The latest Operator skins have been accused of appealing to "furries," as yet another animal escapes into the menagerie of CoD. While Fortnite has never been afraid of letting you dress as a muscly cat, gun-toting goldfish, or lethal Easter chicken, the recent influx to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone hasn't gone unnoticed. 

Although we're obviously not here to kink shame, some claim the latest leaked CoD skin is aimed at furries. There are two new rabbit Operators (yes, rabbits again) called Hips and Hops, coming as part of the Hippin' and Hoppin' Tracer Pack. They come in at a hefty 2400 COD Points, which works out at around $24 USD.

Call of Duty fans slam Tracer Pack skins

Following the recent backlash to the Big Ole Apes pack, the timing couldn't be worse to release another animal-themed Operator pack. If this was around Easter we could maybe let it slide, but as we head into September, we're not sure why Hips and Hops are dropping into CoD.

This didn't go unnoticed by others, as one critic wrote, "lol cod is down bad man, gg until MW3." Another grumbled, "Is it cod or Fortnite what the hell has cod become trying be Fortnite so hard when Fortnite itself is doomed," and a third said, "Maybe fix the game first people want to actually play it not be milked for micro transactions." 

Highlighting the general complaints many are having, someone concluded, "IW: no red dots or ninja perk because it’s not realistic.. Also IW: here’s a bunny skin with a shotgun." We're sure we're not alone in saying, "What's up, Doc?" with all these rabbit-themed Call of Duty Operators. Have they been reproducing like rabbits?

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