Bungie credits players after mistaken Destiny 2 cheating bans

Bungie credits players after mistaken Destiny 2 cheating bans
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Megan Cooke


12th Oct 2023 19:24

After some Destiny 2 players reported being banned seemingly without reason, Bungie has offered in-game currency as an apology.

While some players have praised Bungie for taking responsibility for their mistake, many are still waiting to be unbanned.

Bungie has offered £40 of in-game currency as an apology



As shared on Twitter by The Verge editor Tom Warren, Bungie issued correspondence apologising for a “small number” of players being banned through no fault of their own.

To apologise, Bungie has offered 5,000 silver, which usually costs £39.99.

The letter from Bungie reads: “Your Destiny 2 account has been unbanned effective immediately, and within a week we will grant you 5,000 silver to use in the Eververse. We sincerely apologise for what must have been a frustrating experience.

“Along with a small number of other players, your account was inadvertently flagged as having tampered with game client functionality. While the overwhelming majority of these detections are accurate, we discovered that in extremely rare cases this detection may be triggered through no fault of the player. This error was determined as part of our auditing process and we acted as quickly as possible to validate the issue and rescind the small number of inadvertent flags.

“Our detections have been updated to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for your understanding.”

While some seem happy with how Bungie handled the situation others are waiting to be unbanned

Many Destiny 2 players have praised Bungie for how it handled the situation regarding accidental bans.

Twitter user Uriyya wrote: “That's great to hear! It's good to see Bungie taking responsibility and rectifying the situation for those affected.”

However, some users have stated that they are still banned, and have not received any correspondence from Bungie.

“I'm still banned and haven't received an email yet,” said one Twitter user. “My ticket is open and urgent since the 25th of September.”

Another said: “I'm still banned and didn’t do anything. I’ve been waiting now for over a month for just one little response but I haven’t got anything.”

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