Destiny 2 Final Shape may see return of Paul McCartney track

Destiny 2 Final Shape may see return of Paul McCartney track
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28th Jul 2023 18:45

While fans are waiting for the release of the eighth Destiny 2 expansion, The Final Shape, a member of the orchestration team has shared a photograph that has left many players excited for the upcoming musical score.

Bungie has recently been recording live orchestral elements for the Final Shape OST at Ocean Way Nashville Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

Paul McCartney’s musical involvement with Destiny

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Image from ella_rae_feingold on Instagram

Ella Feingold, one of Destiny’s music orchestrators, recently posted on Instagram suggesting that Paul McCartney’s Destiny melodies may be used in the soundtrack.

The photograph shows the top of a page of sheet music with most of the names blocked out, showing only ‘P. McCartney’ and ‘Orchestration by Ella Feingold & Jordan Cox’. She captioned the post: “Yeah that P. McCartney. That’s all I can say for now” alongside a series of musical emojis and #PaulMcCartney.

While best known for his role in The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney has been highly influential in the creation of Destiny’s soundtrack, having contributed several pieces of music to the first game in the franchise.

As well as writing the song ‘Hope For The Future’ and collaborating on the music suite ‘Music Of The Spheres’, McCartney also contributed to several of the songs through the inclusion of melodies repeated throughout instrumental tracks such as ‘The Traveler’, ‘The Fallen’, and ‘The Tower’.

Destiny fans are excited about Paul McCartney’s involvement in Final Shape

Reddit user AtlyxMusic took to the r/DestinyTheGame subreddit to share Ella Feingold’s post alongside their own thoughts about the inclusion of McCartney’s music and a link to a screenshot of the post.

They said: “This does not mean that O'Donnell or McCartney are writing new music for the game, but rather that Paul's musical melodies are going to finally be reused for the first time since D1 Vanilla.”

Reddit users reacted excitedly to the news. One user said: “Awesome news. I really look forward to the tracks. No matter what the OST is gonna be a banger.” Another reacted similarly, stating: “Bringing back tracks from ‘Music of the Spheres’ is such a great idea to tie up this ten years of Destiny.”

Other fans shared the tracks they hoped would be reused, ranging from ‘Journey’ to ‘The Last Array’.

While there are no concrete answers as to how big or small Paul McCartney’s influence in the new Final Shape OST will be, bringing back nostalgic melodies and tracks from the original game is sure to please the game’s fanbase.

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