Destiny 2 recasts Commander Zavala with veteran actor following Lance Reddick's passing

Destiny 2 recasts Commander Zavala with veteran actor following Lance Reddick's passing
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Megan Cooke


10th Aug 2023 17:55

A new voice actor has been cast to take over the role of Commander Zavala in Destiny 2 after the untimely passing of Lance Reddick earlier this year.

Keith David, known for his video game voiceover work, will be taking on the role from the upcoming The Final Shape expansion which is scheduled for release in 2024.

Who is the new Commander Zavala?

Bungie announced prolific actor Keith David would be taking over the role of Zavala as his English voice actor in a post on 10 August.

David is well known for his various roles in films like The Thing, Armageddon, and Requiem for a Dream, and television appearances in popular shows, including Community. He has also had a long voice acting career, particularly within gaming, featuring in franchises like Halo, Fallout, Mass Effect and Saints Row.

On becoming the new Vanguard leader, Keith said, “I am honoured to continue the great work of Lance Reddick as Zavala. Lance captured the character's sense of integrity so wonderfully. It is my intention to continue that work.”

Lance Reddick has been part of Destiny for almost a decade

Lance Reddick held the role of Zavala for almost a decade, as he joined the cast right as the game launched in 2014, and kept it until he passed away in March this year.

While Keith David will be taking over the role, Bungie have confirmed that Lance Reddick's existing voice lines will not be changed for the upcoming release.

The Destiny 2 team said: “The passion and professionalism Lance brought to the role over the last decade was unmistakable and loved by all.

“Lance’s iconic voice led us through the most intense moments in Destiny’s history and his impact on our Guardians, our community, and Bungie as a whole will never be forgotten.”

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