Bungie bans Destiny 2 players after racist abuse during Into The Light reveal

Bungie bans Destiny 2 players after racist abuse during Into The Light reveal
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Lloyd Coombes


22nd Mar 2024 17:20

Bungie held its reveal event earlier this week for Into the Light, a new free content update that bridges the gap between expansions. 

While much of the response has been positive as fans get excited about the new Onslaught mode, the live segment cut to a Steam menu for a second or two during a gameplay demo from associate activity designer Noah Lee.

Idiotic players took this opportunity to send abuse, including racist messages disguised as Steam friend requests, which began appearing in the corner of the screen.

As if that wasn't stupid enough, the accounts in question failed to consider that by adding the Bungie account as a friend, they opened themselves up for recompense - and recompense has come.

Bungie bans racist Destiny 2 players for life

by u/BAakhir from discussion
in DestinyTheGame

Destiny 2's community is known to be salty at the best of times, but user BAakhir noted on Reddit that the toxicity shown to the developer has reached a whole new level.

Bungie's official team account responded with the following statement:

"It was disappointing to see those notifications, but we know they were from a few awful individuals and not reflective of the community at large," the Reddit comment reads.

"We were able to track down the accounts of several individuals who sent the harmful notifications and we have banned them from Destiny 2.

"We are taking extra measures to make sure this doesn't happen again and look forward to sharing more info with you all in next week's stream."

As one commenter noted, "They literally hand-delivered their Steam accounts to a developer’s inbox with the friend requests", and community sentiment is happy to see some horrendous trolls sent packing from the game.

Lee himself has responded via Reddit and Twitter/X, noting he'd "been seeing dev livestreams for Destiny since [he] was 13, so wasn't gonna just not do it because of some trolls."

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What is Into The Light?

With Destiny 2's big expansion for this year, The Final Shape, being pushed to June, Into the Light is a free content update aimed to help bridge the gap between the current Season of the Wish, and the upcoming culmination of the "Light and Dark saga."

So far, we know Onslaught mode will offer a horde-like defensive mode where players defend The Last City from players, but Bungie is holding another livestream next week to discuss new gear and rewards coming with the update.

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