Destiny fans heartbroken after Netflix reportedly axed animated series

Destiny fans heartbroken after Netflix reportedly axed animated series
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18th Apr 2024 11:40

The massive looter shooter that is Destiny 2 is still going strong, and it doesn't seem like its most dedicated players are even close to curbing their addiction. The game is one of the most infectious in the entire industry, rivalling World of Warcraft for its "one more quest" obsessions.

It's clear to see why Destiny 2 is so popular, dishing out regular updates and new additions. Yet, there's still more story to tell in the game - and players have been holding out hope for a long-rumoured series to bring this lore to life. Sadly, it looks like the brakes have been pumped.

Destiny's Netflix series reportedly scrapped

According to a new report from Forbes' Paul Tassi, a planned Destiny animated series was set to debut on Netflix but has been officially canned after it failed to pass the scripting phase. The project was supposedly in development before Sony's huge $3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie back in 2022.

"I heard a long time ago that there was a Destiny Netflix show being tossed around, like an animated one," says Tassi in a video on his personal YouTube channel. He sadly admits, "But, ultimately it just didn’t really come together."

Tassi says he doesn't know how far it got, adding, "I think it was in [the] scripting phase or something. This was a long time ago. I think it was before the Sony acquisition, I’m pretty sure."

The news comes after Sony Interactive Entertainment's interim CEO Hiroki Totoki suggested the gaming giant would be interested in elevating Bungie's IP into other artistic mediums, suggesting that it's be keen to see a movie based on the Destiny IP.

It's a shame to hear that the animated Destiny series could be dead before it had a chance to shine - and it looks like the long-time fans of the games are pretty bummed about it too.

Fans react to reports of a canned Destiny series

Fans have shared the report to the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, where the most dedicated Destiny players have come to mourn the show that could have been. "I’ve fallen off from Destiny the game but I love the lore. I would have adored a show of any kind," reads the top comment on the post.

"Such a shame. The Destiny universe and lore has a lot of potential," adds another, while a third said, "I guess a TV show would just do much better at this stage. The gameplay loop just to continue the story is just too tedious."

Someone else gave an interesting pitch and concluded, "Ever since I’ve heard of this being in the works… I always wanted it to be like Love, Death, and Robots. Different animation styles of different stories in the Destiny universe. Golden Age, the collapse, a fallen/Eliksni story, a Cabal story… just everything in different styles."

There are other fans taking shots at Tassi's credentials and wondering if he can be believed in this case, but until we hear anything different, we're left presuming that the Destiny series simply isn't happening.

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