Destiny 2 could be getting a Ghostbusters crossover…for some reason

Destiny 2 could be getting a Ghostbusters crossover…for some reason
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Joseph Kime


6th Mar 2024 10:50

As one of the few standing pillars to the power of the live-service game, Destiny 2 has to do a lot of work to ensure that players' heads don't turn.

Even though the looter shooter has cornered its market to a certain degree, the sheer number of games attempting to cash in on the always-on structure that seems to be hanging over the edge of a cliff at the moment is gargantuan, and there's always something else that players can be doing.

Even though Bungie has found itself in trouble once or twice over the last year or so, it's still giving Destiny 2 its all at its new home under the wing of Sony. Now, a bizarre Ghostbusters crossover may be on the way to help sweeten the pot for fans.

Destiny 2 might be getting a Ghostbusters collab

If lootin' makes you feel good, it looks like Bungie is coming through for you. In a twist no one expected, it seems as though Destiny 2 could be delivering a new event to celebrate the launch of the new Ghostbusters film, Frozen Empire.

As shared to Reddit and Twitter, new quotes have been found in the game's files that read, "Add Ghostbusters gear to your collection," "Ghostbusters gear in Eververse," and, Who you gonna call?" No armour has been found in the files yet, but there is a new model buried in there that looks suspiciously like the returning Slimer.

Destiny 2 fans have theorised that the Slimer model could serve as a shell for Ghost, which is actually a slice of genius if it comes to be real. Still, it seems that fans can't decide if they should believe the "leak" or not.

Fans are in two minds about the Destiny Ghostbusters leak

Fans have taken to Reddit to theorise about the strange leak, with some being perplexed and even horrified by it - but others are all in on the idea. "Yo if they made an armour set based on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man I’d buy the game right now," says one comment.

"Seems legit," adds another. "That’s a ghost shell, Ghostbusters is owned by Sony, a new movie is coming soon, and these 'smaller' collaborations already happened in Destiny with games like Among Us."

Players reckon this has something to do with the new company in charge, Sony, distributing the movie itself - and one fan is concerned about what the crossover indicates for the series going forward, saying that "Sony forcing Bungie to turn their stuff into Fortnite would be the funniest possible outcome."

No matter where you stand, it's safe to admit that regardless of cheesiness, a crossover like this is pretty easy money for Bungie. After all, we'd buy a Slimer Ghost shell.

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