Breaking Bad Fortnite Bundle Goes Viral

Breaking Bad Fortnite Bundle Goes Viral
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Tom Chapman


28th Jul 2022 13:37

He is the one who knocks...

Even nine years after Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad bowed out with one of the greatest finales of all time, we're still talking about the crime thriller. That's thanks, in part, to Netflix's El Camino sequel, the ongoing success of Better Call Saul, and that Gus Fring actor Giancarlo Esposito continues to be an iconic villain in everything from The Mandalorian to The Boys

If Epic Games does anything right, it's pulling off a good collab between Fortnite and pop culture. While Call of Duty: Warzone is called out for increasingly bizarre crossovers with Attack on TitanGodzilla vs. Kong, and (apparently) The Umbrella AcademyFortnite can do what it wants without hate from fans. This is emphasised by the imminent arrival of John Cena without anyone batting an eyelid. 

What Is The Breaking Bad Fortnite Bundle?

As Better Call Saul rounds off its final season, the fact an upcoming episode is called "Breaking Bad" means we're hopeful for that long-awaited crossover. With Bryan Cranston poised to step back into his Y-fronts, fans are asking why we've never had a Fortnite collab to bring this meth-cooking world to life. Oh yeah, the whole meth thing. 

Over on Reddit, u/XGonGiveItToYaX shared their concept for a Breaking Bad bundle that has it all. Alongside all the major players, there are more subtle references like Mike's box cutter, the infamous fly, and a Holly White backbling. There's even a loading screen of Walt and Jesse cooking their signature blue meth with Peely.

Fans love the idea and soon championed this more adult crossover. "This is so dumb. I'M LOVIN' IT!" said one. Another added, "An emote where Jesse says 'Whad up Biatch' would be perfect," while a third said, "Not gonna lie I’d buy all this I love it, I hope it makes it in, I would be Gus." Someone else concluded, "Never in my life did I think I'd be looking at a banana cooking meth. Yet here I am, looking at a banana cooking meth."


Could A Breaking Bad Fortnite Bundle Actually Happen?

This isn't the first Breaking Bad concept we've seen out there. Previously, someone created their own Gus Fring bundle - which even included a skin based on his legendary demise. It might seem unlikely to have an adult TV series about becoming a drug overlord jumping off the Battle Bus, but it's definitely possible. AMC is also known for The Walking Dead, and we'll all know the zombie thriller previously found a place in Fortnite.

We've also seen more mature IPs like Predator, Alien, and Terminator arrive in-store. Then again, even Xenomorphs and zombies have avoided the drug themes of Breaking Bad, so having players try and cook in their own Fortnite meth lab might be a step far. Even though we might have to park our hopes of a Saul Goodman skin for now, let's be honest that there have been weirder Fortnite collaborations. 

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