Standoff deserves a hero's welcome.

14:30, 19 Apr 2021

Often referred to as the best competitive Call of Duty map ever made, it appears Treyarch is finally bringing Standoff to Black Ops Cold War

According to reports, the small village of controlled chaos will be landing in Black Ops in Season 3, alongside a brand-new battleground named "Echelon".

Standoff was first seen on Black Ops 2, which also boasted the first iterations of Raid and Express that have been remastered for Black Ops Cold War. The map that depicts a typically Treyarch three-laned gameplay with various cut-throughs between houses has been yearned for since rumours first surfaced of some classical maps being remade. Well, it appears that your wait might be coming to an end.

As for Echelon, reports also suggest that the design is heavily influenced by a hybrid of maps, including the futuristic Vertigo, Modern Warfare 3 classic Dome, and arguably the best casual map of all time, Highrise. Despite two being from Modern Warfare, the inspiration of the cranes and domes are set to be prevalent. The map has been found within the files since Season 1, with its release likely to be in Season 3.

The map will come as with a tight-knit 6v6 design, following the success of Apocolypse. 

Both maps are set to be added into the game, which will also coincide with huge changes to Warzone


With a pending nuke set for Verdansk, all reports lead to suggest that Captain Price and the squad will be whisked back in time to the 1980s, where Verdansk is safe from Zombies and radiation centres, but not each other.

Season 3 is set to release at 5am GMT on April 22 / 9PM PT, April 21.



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Image via Activision

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