An image has surfaced which reportedly shows the cancelled Ural Mountains Warzone map.

09:52, 06 Apr 2021

The end is near for Verdansk as we know it. Raven software's not so subtle hints towards the map being blown to smithereens have been filtered through into the game, causing an outbreak of zombies and an impending rain of missiles hurtling in the direction of Captain Price and co. Not even the darkness lurking Roze will be able to worm out of this encounter.

With the integration of Black Ops Cold War finally looking to become complete in the sense of fully incorporated weapons and now a 1980s map on its way, many people have wondered where the developers will take players in the next Warzone map.

Well, nowhere, really. A couple of decades in the past but in the exact same spot. The latest leaks and chitter-chatter suggest that a time machine will come into effect to save players from the undead hordes, arriving at a mid-hippie disco-styled Verdansk, typical of the makeovers seen in Nuketown '84.

However, this wasn't always the plan. According to other leaks, the developers were set to combine the Black Ops Cold War Fireteam maps (also seen in Outbreak) to make one large helter-skelter Warzone map. Based in the Ural Mountains, the map was set to incorporate multiple weather changes and have a landscape quite similar to that seen in Blackout.

Back in July of 2020, leaked area names arose from the files, including "Ruka", "Chemical Lab", "Battery", and "Weather Station", all of which can be seen in the blurry image.


The map has since reportedly been cancelled. The Twitter user stated "This is the cut Ural Map, this is not the one that is coming on the 22nd into Warzone", which also adds more fuel to the fire that we'll see the new map in under three weeks time.


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Image via Activision

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