16:33, 07 Apr 2021

Another day goes by, and we inch closer to the destruction, decimation, and disintegration of Verdansk as we know it. 

The impending doom of the Modern Warfare classic has seen zombies break out of the Vodyanoy ship to take over Prison, TV Station, Hospital, and now even Atlas Superstore, alongside a new atomic killstreak and missiles flying over the battle royale map as a mere warning of what's to come.

With Captian Price and company failing to contain the threats, the map is set to destruct as of March 22, with all capable life forms escaping through a suspected time machine that will take us back to the 1980s where the Cold War is rife.

However, thanks to a hilarious glitch captured and shared on Twitter, one player has seen the missiles implode on the map.

Twitter user "NotAndreLuiz" shared a clip of the missiles that fly over Verdansk crash landing just outside of the twin buildings at Bloc, which saw a mushroom cloud erupt. Despite causing no damage to the Burger Town that it appeared to collide with, the glitch does see a nuke finally go off in Verdansk.


Although this funny gimmick is nothing more than a glitch, it may have an indication of what the future holds for the inevitable bombing of the city. Should the missiles be directed at the map in such a fashion, a whole barrel of atomic bombs will be needed to make Verdansk derelict.

Once Verdansk has been destroyed, it's still unclear as to what the rumoured 1980s city will look like, although with the Modern Warfare variant being just 40 years or so after the Cold War, the changes may not be as much as we'd hoped.

What we can hope for though is a new meta, being rid of the AUG and FFAR that have proved meddlesome for a long time. 





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Image via Activision

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