Black Ops Cold War Warzone Map [Hypothetical]

Black Ops Cold War Warzone Map [Hypothetical]

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Jack Marsh


9th Aug 2020 18:00

A whopping 75million players have dropped into Verdansk since Warzone was introduced in Modern Warfare. Becoming an instant success, Call of Duty fans fell head over heels for Verdansk, especially with the differences introduced in Season 5, such as the Stadium being opened and a moving loot train across the map. However, as Modern Warfare edges towards the end of its tether, Warzone will be heading into Black Ops Cold War, and will most likely have a brand-new map to become compatible with the typical Treyarch game style and weapons.

As the next instalment edges ever closer to being announced, there have been many rumours of where the next Warzone map will be located. The rifest of these include London and Urzikstan (Call of Duty’s fabricated country).

Both locations have played host to multiplayer maps in the past and could very well incorporate these into a Warzone map, such as Verdansk did with the Ground War maps, and smaller 6v6 maps such as Atlas Superstore and Vacant.

So, here’s how the Black Ops Cold War Warzone map could shape up in both locations…

Black Ops Cold War Warzone map – Urzikstan/Russia

Urzikstan is very Modern Warfare orientated and was heavily rumoured to feature as a new map in the current Call of Duty. Many people have now ruled this out as we head back over to Treyarch, however, it could form a mashup of sorts with Treyarch maps that are in a similar location. Urzikstan is supposedly on the border of Russia and Ukraine, very much where the Cold War was present. It could be located on the border of Treyarch and Russia, using maps from Modern Warfare and Black Ops 1 which are based in this vicinity.  

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The Modern Warfare maps that are located withing Urzikstan are Euphrates Bridge, Aniyah Palace, Crash, Rust, Ramazza, and Azhir Cave, all which could easily be moulded into a Warzone map. The two Ground War maps in Euphrates Bridge and Aniyah Palace would make for an easy inclusion to a new Warzone map, just as Verdansk is made up of many Ground War maps such as Promenade and Airport.

Treyarch has been open in admitting some of the gameplay may be similar to the original Black Ops, as rumour had it that we would be getting a Black Ops reboot, and have openly said that they will be remaking maps such as Summit, a map which lies in Russia. With the Cold War being the centre of the next instalment, it is likely that other Russian maps could be remade and blended into the Urzikstan border.

The Black Ops maps in Russia consist of Radiation, Launch, Grid, WMD, Array, and Summit. With each of the maps being relatively big in size featuring buildings and open planes, it possible that the snowy terrain which links most of them could bind them to a new Warzone map.

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Whilst this is just a hypothetical, that map would be a nostalgia filler whilst boasting interesting gameplay.

Black Ops Cold War Warzone map – London

London has featured in many Call of Duty games in the past and is heavily rumoured to be where the next Warzone map is located. However, many of the London based maps came in Infinity Ward’s instalments, making this option less feasible in Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War. It shouldn’t be ruled out, but it could also be a better thought for Call of Duty 2021.

Modern Warfare gave us Piccadilly and Hackney Yard, which are both London based, and Hardhat was also remade to be in London, rather than Lower Manhattan where it was originally created.

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World War 2 gave us London Docks, which also links with Hackney Yard and the Modern Warfare gunfight map Docks, and could be an interesting map to be remade by another developer now that Sledgehammer Gaming is no longer a sole developer of Call of Duty. Another Sledgehammer game is Advanced Warfare, which featured the map Parliament. Featuring Big Ben and the London Eye in the background, Parliament would blend right into a London based Warzone map.

One of the most notable London based maps is Modern Warfare 3's Underground, which was a huge success and the sheer size of it would be a great inclusion into Warzone.

Treyarch’s only London map was Encore, which came as a DLC on Black Ops 2. If we were to see a Treyarch Warzone map in London, you can count on this being the centrepiece, much like how Stadium is in Verdansk.

Either of them would make a highly intriguing Black Ops Cold War Warzone map, and only time will tell on where it could feature.

All images via Activision

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