BioShock Fortnite Map Brings Rapture To The Battle Royale

BioShock Fortnite Map Brings Rapture To The Battle Royale
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Joseph Kime


12th Aug 2022 10:05

There's something about Fortnite that brings out the creativity in people. It's not exactly the same Minecraft, but the ability to build your own maps and the constant outpouring of cosmetics pushes players to build their own masterpieces of level design.

It's turned out some absolute bangers - giving players fun parkour challenges and puzzles to tackle aside from the main battle royale and Save The World modes. And now, one fan has rebuilt the world of BioShock using Fortnite's engine.

What Is The BioShock Fornite Map? 

It looks like Rapture has come to Fortnite, as one incredibly dedicated fan has brought the iconic location of BioShock to the game. It's not just a series of wooden walls to make up Rapture's claustrophobic corridors, with this rebuilt version of the underwater utopia looking phenomenal.

A new video posted to YouTube by Flux_Capacimoose has shown off the incredible build, which showcases the player (in a very fitting skin, to be honest) exploring the neon-drenched underwater haven. The minor details like the reflectiveness of the area's lighting and the sprung leaks peppered throughout the area are a perfect reflection of the Rapture we know. It all comes together to make an incredibly authentic replication.

The OP says it's been a year since they made their first BioShock-inspired map, however, this is their most detailed build yet. If you ever wanted to crank 90s under the ocean, your chance is here. For those who want to take a dive in Fortnite, the BioShock map code is 3885-0261-7529.


What's Next For BioShock?

We know that a new game in the universe of BioShock is in development, but in terms of narrative and whether the game will return to Rapture is still very much under wraps. We've expected an imminent announcement for the last six months, as an Nvidia GeForce Now leak hinted that it could be coming in 2022. At this stage, it wouldn't be surprising to discover that a BioShock 4 announcement is being held until next year. 

Following BioShock Infinite's soft reboot that took us to the lofty heights of Columbia, no one really knows what to expect from BioShock 4. It would be a shame if we don't at least get a nod to Rapture like Infinite's Burial at Sea DLC did. Whatever comes next, we're fizzing with excitement for a return to BioShock, even if it won't come with Fortnite's build mechanics.

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