Billie Eilish's Mum Was In Mass Effect

Billie Eilish's Mum Was In Mass Effect

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Jack Marsh


24th Jan 2021 11:30

It's always intriguing when two worlds collide, as is often the case with pop culture and gaming crossing lines on multiple occasions. Whether it is bopping a basketball around between Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordon, watching Drake (also co-owner of esports organisation 100 Thieves) hop on Fortnite with popular gaming star Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, or even seeing Will Smith ditch Bel Air for Seoul by plundering investments into Gen.G, known for its Overwatch side Seoul Dynasty - celebrity culture and gaming are never too far apart.

The roots of this actually stem much further than the last few years when gaming has become much more mainstream, commonly seeing famous artists and athletes collaborating with esports professionals. 

Back in 2010, a parent of five-time grammy-winning music artist Billie Eilish was deeply involved in gaming, despite the 2019 Best New Artist of the year being just nine years old. Her mother, Maggie Baird, played a pivotal role in Mass Effect 2, being the voice Justicar Samara - an Asari involved in Commander Shepard's main squad.

However, her career in gaming didn't start, nor stop, there. Her first voiceover came prior to Billie's birth, as in 1999 Baird had lines behind a Female Ensemble in Battlezone II: Combat Commander

Maybe her most high-profile involvement came in 2006 as Baird also voiced Stilwater's Resident in Saints Row, and various other characters in the sequel two years later.

The actor, also known for cameos in a plethora of different TV shows such as Days of Our Lives, concluded her gaming episode in 2013 by taking on the sounds of many characters in the Final Fantasy XIII DLC: Lightning Returns.

It's no surprise that her voice is recognised in many different settings across media, given that her daughter has now become one of the greatest singers in modern music. 


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Image via Billie Eilish Instagram | EA Sports

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