Bethesda Reveals Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle Expansion

Bethesda Reveals Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle Expansion
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Joseph Kime


28th Jan 2022 10:57

Blimey, this is still going? Though it's no surprise that The Elder Scrolls is a monstrously big franchise, the appeal of The Elder Scrolls Online was brought into question at launch - as the successes of the series had always been from the core of its single-player experiences.

It didn't work for everyone, but The Elder Scrolls Online has more than proved that Tamriel can be experienced in multiplayer just as well as it can alone. Over the years, ESO has become incredibly popular with fans of both the franchise and the MMO genre at large. It looks like the game isn't ready to pack up just yet, as Bethesda has just revealed the next big expansion to the game.

What Is The Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle Expansion?

The Elder Scrolls Online's brand-new expansion has just been revealed, and it's set to delve deeper into the Breton race while exploring the titular High Isle. The DLC is a part of the new Legacy of the Bretons content wave, that is taking the place of one big expansion. Instead, The Elder Scrolls Online is set to release DLCs and updates as the year goes on. 

It all starts with High Isle, which is set to be the centrepiece of these new updates. Confused yet?Everything that is set to come to the game in 2022 is expected to focus on the Breton race. It will formally kick off with a DLC pack titled Ascending Tide. The DLC rollout seems pretty ambitious, and it's clear that developers are excited to take on a setting and culture entirely new to them.

ESO Director Says High Isle Is 'A Large Departure'

"We chose High Isle as the location for our next chapter because it's a large departure from anything we've done over the last few years," according to Rich Lambert, the ESO creative director in conversation with the PlayStation blog.

"High Isle is the epitome of the chivalrous Breton culture - a resort-like island for their nobility, with towering cliffs, pristine beaches and loads of ancient ruins to explore. [...] With High Isle and the Legacy of the Bretons, the team is going back to its story-telling roots."

The expansion is certainly ambitious, to say the least, and it looks like fans of the sprawling series are going to be very busy for the next year. If anything's likely to tide us over until the arrival of The Elder Scrolls 6, it's this.


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