Rumours have surfaced that a new Battlefield game will support 128 players.

17:28, 19 Jan 2021

Battlefield, EA DICE's 18-year-old masterpiece, is set for another instalment should reports be believed. Rumours surrounding Battlefield VI have been thrown around more than a hot grenade, although many have yet to have much traction.

However, recent reports coming from renowned leaker Tom Henderson have reignited the hype, as he claims to have inside information on the game including that it will feature 128-player battles.

In his latest video posted to his alias account "TheLongSensation", Henderson alleges that the sixth series will launch the franchise back into the modern-day, after revisiting the World War I and II eras in the two previous games. He adds that Battlefield VI will also be available on both current and next-gen consoles, although the Xbox One and PS4 editions will likely have “some graphical downgrades and limited destruction”.

Reportedly nine months away from release (meaning it is likely to be released in 2021 barring no setback akin to other games), Battlefield VI is likely to play host to its biggest server yet, with some new maps “designed with around 128 players in mind”, alongside others favouring the standard 32 versus 32 combat that players will have become accustomed to. 

Of course, none of the leaks have been officially confirmed nor announced, however, Henderson's previous track record for alike videos and announcements hold these leaks in high regard.


The online FPS, which started with Battlefield 1942 back in 2002, has recently been dormant in their development, having released just one DLC for Battlefront V in 2020 (Into The Jungle), their quietest year to date. In comparison, 2019 brought three expansion packs (Trial By Fire, Defying The Odds, and War in the Pacific), hinting towards the developers being hard at work on other projects. 


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