Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Is Apparently A Long Way Off

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Is Apparently A Long Way Off
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Joseph Kime


21st Dec 2021 15:10

Battlefield 2042 isn't quite meeting expectations, and it certainly didn't at launch either. Ever since release, the latest Battlefield story has been a pretty dismal one - fans have hated how little the game was able to come through with after some pretty bold promises.

For many, Battlefield 2042 just isn't… fun. And then there was Santa-gate. Obviously. With so much potential, it's upsetting to see the game suffer such a fate - but it's alright. More will come to the game in season one! The battle pass will save us!

That may well be the case, but we're going to be waiting a while for it. Sorry about it. 

Battlefield 2042 Season One Reportedly Coming In March

According to new details brought to light by a datamine, it looks like Battlefield 2042's first content season is months away, looking at a March opening window. The news has been revealed by Twitter user Temporyal, who has shared that the client for the game includes weekly missions for 12 weeks of content that is classed as "preseason".

This indicates that we'll have 12 full weeks at least to wait until the season actually kicks into gear. This is, of course, unless there are extra weeks of content just in case the team can't make sooner deadlines bringing forward the release of the season, but this is unlikely knowing EA and DICE.

It's sad to see that new content is a long way off, especially as a lot of players have already exhausted everything that the game, as it stands, can offer. But, that's not all that was discovered in this datamine.

Battlefield's New Map Is Called 'Exposure'

The very same datamine, though, has unveiled some interesting news - the new map coming to the game is called Exposure, and will be set in the Canadian Rockies.

A synopsis of the map offered by Temporyal suggests that "seismic activity in British Columba has damaged a Canadian-US research facility base", and a landslide has revealed that inside the base is a weapon that "cannot be allowed to continue to operate". Mysterious.

This is all we know about the next season so far, including that it's a while off - which is a bit of a bummer all things considered.

Here's hoping there's more to come to the game, otherwise a lot of fans are going to jump ship before EA and DICE have a chance to engage them again.


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