Battlefield 2042 Players Hate The Santa Skin More Than The Game Itself

Battlefield 2042 Players Hate The Santa Skin More Than The Game Itself
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Joseph Kime


3rd Dec 2021 10:03

If there's one thing Battlefield 2042 has going for it, it's the realism of its world. While we haven't seen the technologies presented in the game just yet, Battlefield's dedication to realistic future warfare is one of the primary draws of its latest instalment - sadly, it's not doing much for the title.

Battlefield 2042 hasn't performed well with fans or critics, and many are calling this game that had such ambition one of the very worst the franchise has to offer. One new feature that has been added to the game is somehow worse, and that's saying something.

Battlefield 2042 Adds Santa Skin

Battlefield Santa Skin
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Well, there goes that realism.

Fans have been reacting to the upcoming additions to the game that are seemingly a bid to keep players engaged, but apparently, it's driving them further away. The latest skin has been the victim of a lot of hate.

The skin in question is "Father Winter" - a new outfit for Operator Pyotr Boris Guskovsky that gives him a lush white beard and lavish red robe. You can see what we're getting at - DICE has added Santa to Battlefield.

It's nice to see the game get into the festive spirit, despite how jarring it is to see the lovable lump wielding an assault rifle - but fans aren't so forgiving. In fact, they're positively raging that Saint Nick is taking to the battlefield.

Battlefield Fans Detest New Santa Skin

Fans have reacted to Santa's addition to Battlefield, and as you can imagine, they're not particularly happy about it.

But funnier still, fans are now complaining about the fans complaining about the new Santa skin. The cycle continues.

Santa seems to have locked fans into a perpetual loop of despair, and frankly, Battlefield is in such a position that players will be furious either way, so the very fact that old Saint Nick is the reason for such fury is hilarious.

The realism of Battlefield may be long gone already, but at least we get a little festive cheer as it goes. Sing it with us, now, "Dashing through the snow, with a long-range SVK…"


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