Battlefield 2042 Is Adding A 'Proper' Scoreboard

Battlefield 2042 Is Adding A 'Proper' Scoreboard

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Joseph Kime


20th Jan 2022 13:22

Battlefield 2042 launched pretty much unfinished. It's industry standard at this point, but it doesn't make the pill any less bitter to swallow.

Typically, AAA game devs are more than willing to unleash a game unready and tidy up the corners later with frequent updates, despite the opposite being insinuated by Battlefield 2042's date pushback. Finally, the game is adding a feature that didn't appear as it should do at launch, and fans have mixed feelings.

Battlefield Finally Launches In-Game Scoreboard

It's about time.

Battlefield 2042 is getting an in-game scoreboard, which should be a very simple addition that many fans thought was the bare minimum that the title should provide. The previous scoreboard simply didn't work, and now, a new "refreshed scoreboard" to make up for it.

It was announced that the entire UI of the scoreboard would be changed in a tweet from the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account. Impressively, it showed off the official new look of the screen.

Fans are curious as to why this took so long, as the feature has been broken since launch (admittedly, like many others), and it isn't expected to have been such a big change that should've taken so long.

Fans React To Refreshed Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard

Players have joined forces in the Battlefield2042 subreddit to express their feelings on the new scoreboard - and many fans aren't happy. "How have they managed to still overcomplicate a system that's been perfected for years?" says one commenter.

Plus, some players are pointing out that the new scoreboard isn't showing players how many times they've died.

"Isn't this game supposed to M rated for Mature and EA is saying that mature players can't handle other people seeing their death counts?" says another user. "Sounds like a crappy excuse. Can't understand their philosophies here."

Gamers are rightfully frustrated with the new scoreboard, but surprisingly, not because it's so late. Either way, Battlefield 2042 fans are just as miffed as ever - and once again, we can hardly blame them.


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